These stunning Beauty Editorial Make-up pictures are just delightful, particular as I love unusual eyebrows…. So I thought I would blog about these pictures and how I would Block out my model’s eyebrows to achieve these similar looks…. After all Alex Box & Pat McGrath are always Eyebrow Blocking!



Flower Paradise by:

Photographer: Yulia Gorbachhenko

Make-up Artist: Anastasia Durasova

Model: Jing Ma at Model Management

Retoucher: Artorik



How to block out Eyebrows:



Step 1: When doing castings for a model make sure they have the thinnest eyebrow as possible- It makes your life easier! Or if the model has a lot of hair- maybe the model will let you pluck them thinner?  (Good luck with that, ha)

Step 2: START WITH EYEBROW WAX- Warm it up so you can GET A THIN A LAYER AS POSSIBLE, you have to apply of the eyebrows as flat as you can. I love using a metal spatula for this step.  

Step 3: Use Spirit gum as it’s thinner, less messy and makeup goes over it better- BRUSH on a thin layer of SPIRIT GUM OVER THE WAXED EYEBROW, make sure you cover it completely, Be really gentle in this process that you don’t get spirit gum over the edge of the waxed eyebrows you don’t want patches of spirit gum where it shouldn’t be.

Step 4: LET IT DRY completely!


Step 6: Seal the eyebrows with Sealor as this protects the wax and spirit gum meaning the make-up won’t rot the product away.

Step 7:
COVER WITH MAKEUP- DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR MAKEUP you’ll need something heavy duty, the best thing I found was Dermacolour concealers as they are thick and creamy and highly pigmented. A technique to hide the eyebrow is by dabbing the concealer over the blocked eyebrow with a synthetic brush! Don’t drag or stroke!  


Step 8: When you are happy seal your blocked eyebrows with translucent powder again using your dabbing techniques with a powder puff. Then wipe away an excess.


Step 9: Now it’s time to have fun and create… Funky eyebrow shapes, add leafs? Add gold leaf, add flowers, oradd gems! Just go wild and have fun.


Step 10: How to remove!!!? Lots of gently circle motion with cleanser and toner, then gently using spirit gum remover taking your time and making sure the fumes or the spirit gum remover does not go into your models eyes or your own. This is a massive health and safety risk, so be very careful and take your time! Remain professional and DO NOT let your model go home without you removing the product. Remember it’s your reputation!





Products you will need to block out eyebrows:



·          Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic, £6.00

·          Ben Nye Spirit Gum , £2.95

·          Kryolan Sealor, £4.55

·          Ben Nye Spirit Gum Remover, £3.50

·          Dermacolor Mini Palette in NR2, £14.60

·          Ben Nye Translucent Face powder, £5.95



All the above products can be found on this website:





Happy Eyebrow Blocking!