So Trollfer said that Artemis and Minerva "kind of dated" for awhile but then she broke up with him

And headcanon says this is because Minerva realized she was fighting a losing battle; Artemis was too preoccupied with/made infinitely more happy by calls with a certain elf female. So Minerva stopped trying because she knew Holly had already won.

And, to note, this “breakup” apparently had zero effect on Artemis at all since he never ever mentioned it or in any way seemed upset by it. It was like it never happened because for him the relationship never actually happened

No matter how long it takes, Holly Short will be waiting for Artemis. The amnesia following the last book from the titular character does not invalidate the many adventures, the many experiences they’ve shared together over the course of the Artemis Fowl series. What was once an antagonistic relationship gradually warms to something deeper and more intimate than either character could imagine. So Holly will wait. Until the Artemis she knows returns.
—  Me

first and last book holly n arty appearances

for noooowwww

arty with bigish ears is now something i’m gonna enjoy drawing

also buzzcut holly will forever live in my heart, even if I do like the fact she grows out her hair later

still in denial of what happens to arty in the last book so he’s keepin’ the holly eye. the day i draw old arty with two blue eyes is the day i’ve gone colorblind

That is a five foot Artemis compared to a three foot Holly

Why are elves so teensy. It’d looke even worse if I made Arty his canon height of five foot five, but I like my five foot Arty. It’s easier to deal with feet and not inches. ‘Sides, he needs to stay super short. Just because.

Now just imagine a six and a half foot Butler compared to them