Theory for Orion’s Obsession

(Written by someone who is not an Artolly or Hartemis shipper, nor a psychiatrist)

(don’t think anyone’s said this yet so here we go)

The Atlantis Compex developed from Artemis’s guilt over things he had done in the past. What is the thing he feels the most guilty about? That he actually says he feels the most guilty about?

Book one, kidnapping Holly.

Now Orion is basically bringing to the surface Artemis’s repressed thought. He constantly is forced into situations where maturity is needed (dad goes missing, mom’s declining mental state, world-threatening situations, etc) so all the childhood indulgences he missed are brought up. The absurdity of his relationship with all those mythical creature is morphed into something that makes more sense: that this is some kind of fantasy world he’s a part of, hence the ‘princess’s and ‘noble steed’s.

This includes the guilt that he’s suppressed over the years of kidnapping Holly. He feels the need to make it up to her. He makes her a priority. He becomes semi-obsessed with, the root being in his guilt, maybe enhanced by a crush, but definitely based in guilt.

You guys are free to interpret the books however you want, but this was my take on the story.

So Trollfer said that Artemis and Minerva "kind of dated" for awhile but then she broke up with him

And headcanon says this is because Minerva realized she was fighting a losing battle; Artemis was too preoccupied with/made infinitely more happy by calls with a certain elf female. So Minerva stopped trying because she knew Holly had already won.

And, to note, this “breakup” apparently had zero effect on Artemis at all since he never ever mentioned it or in any way seemed upset by it. It was like it never happened because for him the relationship never actually happened