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I wanted to do something like this for a while but I never got around to it till now! It took about 2 whole days to do uehue

Maybe sometime in the future I will do each of our rooms too ’m’/!


My entry for the outfit design contest!

I usually love ribbons and put ribbons on litereally everything, so this time I stayed away from it. I wanted an outfit with a turtleneck and poofy sleeves, and also a cloak! Male one’s boots are inspired from horseback riding boots, and my favorite part is the double vest -v- my favorite part about the female outfit is the bloomers huhuhuhu

@suitopiii said: don’t delete ur posts D: i love it when people talk in length about stuff they love
@takarasienne said: …i like seeing ur posts :B
@silver-colour  said: Please believe me and come flood my dash with all the Peyrol ^^ I don’t mind at. all. And also Miya!Artois, who is fabulous :)

u guys don’t even know how happy you make me with this ?? <3

Blindspot Drinks

What up, BS fam? For fic reasons (Jane’s having an ill-fated holiday party), today I needed to figure out what drink is each character’s go-to favorite. So, below I present my line-up, for @mayaweller and anyone else who’s interested!

Kurt —> Lagavulin Scotch whisky (thanks, show!)
Tasha —> Patrón tequila (+ Bloody Marys)
Oscar —> Knob Creek bourbon whiskey
Patterson —> sweet white wines / Prosecco (cause she’s so bubbly!)
Jane —> IPAs, or stouts, depending
Reade —> Stella Artois (+ girly rum drinks)
Borden —> red wine
Mayfair —> gin & tonics (+ vodka martinis)
Sarah —> any kind of you-can’t-taste-the-alcohol sugary mixed drinks

Stella Artois held an event for local bar and restaurant owners and it was a blast. I made friends with some competitors. Surprisingly, this dog didn’t own a bar or restaurant but was allowed in. His name is Champ. I want him. 

BEST album release! (And more)

The new Album will contain the best major releases by the band, as well as Music Videos, available on Bluray. Requests will be taken in for the TOP10 songs by the fans!

Release date: 2016/10/19 (Wednesday) BEST ALBUM
「摩天楼オペラ ~BEST & CLIPS~」
CD+Blu-ray  4,800YEN (+Tax)
DISC 1 – BEST 14 songs (Limited edition)
DISC 2 – The requested 10 songs*

*Voting is up until the 16th of August.

MINI ALBUM will be released!
On October 19th, 2016, a MINI ALBUM will be released!

“TITLE to be announced”
Release date: October 19, 2016
Mini album containing 6 songs
Price: 2,200 YEN
Label: Bellwood Records

*More details to come.

Also, a LIVE PHOTO BOOK featuring photos from the Tsutaya O-EAST LIVE, held on July 22th, 2016. 3,000 YEN, released in September by ARTOY.

Made my dad buy me 2 stella artois for making me watch that fucking movie and then smacking me in the nose by accident

I do not ever want to watch anything made by Dreamworks in cg EVER if it were up to me I’d burn every single person in that department alive and strangle the 2d animators for making me put up with this