Her gaze kept staring into Gray’s. He was lying. Of course he was lying, why shouldn’t he? He probably didn’t want to worry anyone. And she probably would’ve acted that way herself. Even so, her lips parted to speak once more.

“Gray…” A soft tone muttered as both of her palms rested on her knees. “…con’t act all mighty with me.”

Broken Armor.

The bed was empty, no longer acting as a physical comfort to the mage, but rather just a piece of furniture that took up space in that white room. There was no good that could be obtained by simply laying on that bed, under sheets and pillows, without having any clue of her surroundings. Despite her lacking memories, the woman refused to lay there like a regular patient.

There, in the farthest corner of the hospital room, Erza sat, warm hues hidden by messy waves of crimson. The skin of her forehead was firmly pressed against the thin material of the garb that covered her knees. The position held no evidence of the strong woman that had once occupied that body. Instead, in her place, was someone who feared the outside world, too intimidated by the unknown that was beyond those four walls to rise from her crouched position.

“Miss Erza..?”

Peaking up from her spot on the floor, Erza’s sleep deprived gaze landed on that of the approaching figure of her nurse. The woman had not greeted her illy, but the woman couldn’t muster up a warm response due to the weight of memory loss. At this moment, this elderly woman was the only person whom she could recognize, and that was because the woman was supposed to check in on her every single day. And as it seemed, this simple fact was enough reason for the redhead to develop some discomfort toward the other.


Yes, that was her name apparently, along with being something else that she needed to get to used to. Better have a name than not have one at all, she supposed, though it wasn’t particularly better than anything else..

“Miss Erza,” spoke the nurse, again, in case she hadn’t been heard the first time around. A slow nod of tangled hair gave the woman the signal she needed in order to proceed.

“Do you plan on seeing anyone today? You’re still healing, and the doctor suggested that you stay in doors, but maybe you’d like to see some of your friends?” The woman’s voice was hopeful, with a touch of concern, as it had been since she had awoken.

Hope, heh.

What did someone with no recognition hope for anyway? The silent question was interrupted by the woman’s voice once more, as she repeated her previous concerns; something about communicating in order to remember faster, or something…

Not yet.

“Is he here?”

Her question was about one individual, and one alone, since she had refused to see anyone else after that first encounter, due to the shock of it all. “Is he here..?” She repeated herself, a little louder this time, and then made pause to summon his name to reluctant lips. “G-gray–Is he here?”

She had overheard that the male had returned on different occasions, to see her, probably.

The nurse, who took this as a positive sign, began to beam once more. “Yes, he was by earlier, as were most of your other friends. They miss you dearly.”

Friends. What friends, really?

“I see.”

“Would you like to see them?” The bright edge bled from her tone like a fresh wound. Wounds–her own body had so many of them; most of which pained her from breathing alone. They were injuries from a fight in some… tournament, or so she was told.

Sinking back down in her original position, eyes no longer visible, she answered a muffled “no”.

“But Miss Scarl–”

Her voice void of any yearning, and cold like ice, she answered, “Are you going to make me repeat myself?”

“But the young man–Gray–you asked about hi—”

“I did. I asked. But in no moment did I ever say I wanted to speak to him, much less face him a second time.”

“W-what should I tell him then?”

Erza didn’t have to look at the other woman to be aware of the obvious frown on her face. But it did not matter to her for she had no desire of dealing with that level of confusion for the time being.

“I don’t want to see anyone, nurse. Now, please, leave me alone, my head hurts.”