Last week, my 3 year ofld Graphic’s card started failing and basically overheating over 100c at the slightest provocation. The current card I’m looking at is going for 250$, and it requires a specific power supply that goes for 80$, So hopefully with these I can raise enough to buy them!

Also gonna try as much as I can to livestream every drawing!

If you’re interested, message me BEFORE sending the payment so we can confirm, and remember to send it as payment for services!



Also added a donation button in this blog (and my main one) in case anything feels like lending some extra help~

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Commission Times :V

Aiight folks, as the situation in my country keeps getting dumber every passing day, I need to start saving Money for immigration, travel/living expenses, etc. Already got a few income sources, but I’ll be needing as much as I can. So commissions are open!

I’ll mostly be doing character drawings

Clean Sketch: 30$ (8$ per extra character)

Full Color: 60$ (10$ per extra character)

I can also be commissioned to design characters for comics, games and such, though the price will depend on the specs of the character (color schemes, turnaround sheets, etc.)!

The only thing I’ll refuse to draw is explicit NSFW stuff, aside from that everything else is fair game!

If interested, send me a mail over with titled “Commission Request” and we’ll discuss the specifics!