I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel Ordway’s  aka crackpotcomics rough pencils for  the mysterious Three Year Hook up of Bulma and Vegeta. They’re SO ALIVE and hilarious and and AHHH I cannot praise it enough!!!

So this is basically my inking “warmup” for Heist 

Anyway, during (and STILL) the inking of Heist –Lia taught me how to do FUWA FUWA KAWAII SHOUJO SHIT fx without having to buy the screentone so I’m TOTALLY ABUSING IT MALICIOUSLY

You can see her original pencil here

College summer holidays :) I have to be honest, I had to condense my “holidays” to just one chapter because I feel like it’s mostly the same thing (with different activities) But I do work during holidays even though it’s just volunteering (later to be shown).  As usual, you can buy or check out the book at Glassine Books

This was pre-widely available broadband in Indonesia (I’m showing my age here hahaha) and aside from hanging out I mostly read a lot.  In here, I’m reading The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents– the one book that converted me to Discworld. And it’s kind of sad that Terry Pratchett died last month, because his books gave me strength, courage and even friendships. (my first Malaysian friends are all Terry Pratchett fans. Jiggit, Hanie, I’m looking at you ladies–even now, I started following adi-fitri because of his gorgeous Discworld fanarts) 

Anyhow. Check my book out and buy or borrow Maurice –I promise you won’t regret either :)


Aaaages ago, @jhameia contacted me to do illustrations for @rosariumpublishing story anthology for The Sea is Ours

I LOVE the story assigned to me, Working Women is about the things I love, women from different backgrounds kicking ass, a well developed world and a gorgeous backstory. I’m really sad that I wasn’t able to illustrate EVERYTHING–heck, if I have the money I’d like to shoot this into a movie because it is THAT GOOD. (that’s ANOTHER can of worms hahaha)  I might revisit this world when I’m done with Bidadari just because. Olivia Ho, your stuff is awesome, don’t stop :D

Fantasy casting this short story, I’d like Dian Sastro to play Khairunissa, Karen Mok as Ning and maybe a beefed up Phillipa Soo as Ah Hong.

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