I’m b444ck in Rhode Island!

Montreal was super ace, and I no longer have anymore Babytown Newsletter #2’s left! Bye bye! On to the next new thing!

The last sale I’m doing for the year is Cardboard Pancakes on December 14 and 15, a holiday sale that New Urban Arts in Providence hosts. Making new stickers for it! Watch out!


I made a ton of fun shrink dink things that I’ll be bringing to Paper Jam this weekend, among other new stuff. There are colored ones that are pins/earrings and see-through hanging ones that will fit most doorknobs. I love how the colored pencil looks shrunk on the back side SO MUCH!


This is my painting that’s at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR for Pastel Quest, the show Sera Stanton put together! I’m so honored to be in a show with many of my favorite artists on planet Earth !!!

I painted this using all pearlescent gouache and some fluorescent colored pencils, all of which unfortunately didn’t register with my camera or scanner.


hear ye the stationary pack is done!

listen up all you lovers of the letter “D”!

each pack has 2 sheets of each design for a total of 10 sheets of paper, 2 silkscreened envelopes, and 2 sticker sheets of “D” stuff to cut out and stick up.

these will be around next month at Zinefeast in Purchase, NY, TCAF, and CAKE so get them there or after all this beep boopin’ around i’ll list them on the internet. or before? i danno!


i want to welcome into the world these brand new hot sword snake totes that i silkscreened a few days ago!

each one has a golden silkscreened bowtie and rainbow roll scales.

13" x 13" x 3" with 14" handles.

i’ll have these babies at Zinefeast in a couple weeks, then TCAF, and finally CAKE. whatever is left with be stocked at Mimi’s Boutique aka the internet!

super big shout out for modeling with these totes to Katrina aka milkbonedampxerox who just came home super late last night/super early this morning from tour with Groke :3


Meet the 3-D star of the comic I did for the upcoming Happiness #4!

She doesn’t have a name, but she does have one weird/bad night in “Paradise Lost in a Trashcan,” which you can read about once the anthology is out and about.

You can pre-order Happiness #4 HEREEEEEE !

This diorama is being shipped off to Australia for a HAPPINESSCOMIX-themed art show at Mailbox Art Space, which runs from August 1st - 30th in Melbourne! Goodbye for now lil 26 centimeter BB

drawing not exactly what i “should” be drawing…

why am i cursed at being such an awesome procrastinator master?!

why do i love to gradient so much?!


tuff lamb happy early easter!!!

I made up a Strawberry Moon character because that happened recently and I’m a sucker for all words involved. I uploaded the line art HERE if anyone wants to print it out and color it like a coloring book page, ya know?