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As a pillar of Surrealism, René Magritte’s art challenges viewers’ perceptions of reality. The environments he constructed on canvas are meant to intrigue and confound viewers. (at Washington Heights)

Stop looking for excuses

“I think that art can be made with virtually anything, so I don’t believe you have to be in a particular kind of economy, cultural context, or a unique space, or have specific items available with which to make art. People who are creative can make art wherever they are.“ – Wangechi Mutu, on why you should stop looking for excuses not to make art

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Yoko Ono once wrote an open letter to her critics urging, “Please don’t stop me being the way I am…. Get my energy or shut up.”
Discover 7 facts that will change the way you see Yoko Ono, on #yokoono #artnetnews

Stop making ‘art'

Stop making ‘art’ and start making your work. […] It’s so easy to make things that look like art, act like art, get sold like art, yet in the end aren’t really art, but are phantoms, mere commodities, or quantifiable digestible sound bites.“ – Stephanie Syjuco, on staying clear of Zombie Formalism and finding one’s own path.

Your life right now

“Your life right now is as real as it will ever be. It won’t be more real in the future, when you get into or out of college or into or out of a relationship or a job or a financial quagmire or a health problem. In fact, the things keeping you back — these embarrassing, boring, stupid obstacles — are the heart of what it is to be human. They’re the whole reason for making and needing art.“ – Miranda July, on embracing life as it is.