anonymous asked:

Top 5 recommended BillDip fics, please?

Ooooo, that’s rough buddy. Let’s see. I have such a difficult time picking favorites. There are the obvious people to adore, such as thechronicliar and thereinliesmyproblem for their collections on both tumblr and AO3. There’s also charm0nder’s heart wrenching classic For the Health and Safety of Mabel Pines (I recommend it because I want everyone to feel the pain that I have felt). Oh my dear jesus, I would be remiss if I neglected That Saved a Wretch Like Me. One must always appreciate unadulterated smut you have to bathe in holy water and smoke a cig after reading. There are others on AO3 that have really influenced me as well, and I would like to share them with you. There’s no particular order, as I view them all as absolutely astonishing in their own right.

Beep Beep Vroom Vroom introduced me to the ship, so it has a special place in my heart. Plus it makes me laugh on my bad days. That writer has done a few more works I adore.

Swear Words features a Bill who gets really turned on by foul language and … oh yes. It is good.

In Which Bill Ruins a Perfectly Good Midnight Hunt and temper are not by the same author, have two very different stories, but have one thing in common: artmeddler’s art. I’d like to see more from these writers, and I will literally read anything based on that artist’s work. So beautiful. It just so happens I loosely based my Bill from Arrows on that artist’s art because I just yes. Yes. I love their Bill.

I’ll Try Anything Once is a story I would die to see continued.

Ciphernetics and Ecchikara have both written fics that I follow closely because of reasons.

As you can see, this is way more than five. And I love them all equally. I just pretty much gave you my entire collection of bookmarks. Enjoy!