Here’s some out-of-context pages from another new comic I’ll have for MoCCA Fest! I put a lot of myself into this one - I have trouble summarizing it, but it’s about home and identity and gentrification and a lot of other things I don’t often talk about it. Recently, I’ve been trying to be more vocal about them. I’m nervous about putting it out in the world but I think it’s a good step! I’ll make a bigger post about all the stuff I’ll have for MoCCA next week, probably?


I participated in Hourly Comics Day yesterday!! I love love love doing hourlies and I love reading them - I think it’s so fun and endearing to see artists I really admire drawing weird scratchy comics about eating lunch at 3pm or whatever. This is my fourth year doing these and I want to do them every year as long as I can. You can see the past years in my tagged/hourlies!

I posted these an hour at a time on my twitter and generally I post lots of little doodles there! Here’s a bonus that wouldn’t fit above :>

a mini screenprint I made during the last few days I had in SVA’s printmaking lab. I’m sure I’ll be printing more in the future, but in the meantime I’ll miss it a lot. ANYWAY I’ll have this for sale at SPX! See you there soon o uo

Thought I’d make a process gif, just because I like seeing other artists do it and this is one of the most straightforward pieces I’ve done in a while. This is a tier from a comic for an anthology that’ll be debuting at MoCCA - keep an eye out for it!