my smash 4 kids….. I’ve been playing smash bros since the n64 and the games are seriously some of the most comforting things in the world to me. link is my forever boy, but I love fighting with the rest of these guys too :>

Today is the first anniversary of Travelogue! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my comic this past year. I started drawing it just for fun and practice, but it’s been going places I never thought it would. Travelogue is small in scale and slow-paced, and extremely self-indulgent, and I’m constantly delighted that there are people who enjoy stories like that as much as I do. I’m really looking forward to drawing more comics in 2016 and I hope you’re looking forward to reading them!! Happy New Year!!


Here’s my full comic from Terrestrial, an earth themed fantasy anthology edited by Amanda Scurti that recently debuted at SPX! The book turned out so beautifully - I’m still not over how amazing everyone’s work is. I loooove sword lore and blacksmithing, and while making Go Alone was great fun, all I really wanted to do was draw six pages of hot metal being forged, hahaha


I participated in Hourly Comics Day yesterday!! I love love love doing hourlies and I love reading them - I think it’s so fun and endearing to see artists I really admire drawing weird scratchy comics about eating lunch at 3pm or whatever. This is my fourth year doing these and I want to do them every year as long as I can. You can see the past years in my tagged/hourlies!

I posted these an hour at a time on my twitter and generally I post lots of little doodles there! Here’s a bonus that wouldn’t fit above :>