I’m getting close to my 100th doodle! The person who sends me the ask that becomes the 100th doodle will get a special prize!

Please submit asks to the Wolfwings Tumblr. 


  1. Only one ask a day. Multiple asks in a day will only equal one entry.
  2. It must be a “real” ask. No one word asks like “Hi.” No keyboard slamming. “dashakjsdhagsdghk” No hate messages.
  3. Anonymous asks do not count.
  4. Reblog this post at least once.
  • If you have any other questions please send me a message. Asks about the event will not count as your daily ask and will not be turned into a doodle.


The 100th ask will receive a doodle to their ask as normal, plus a FREE bust commission!

Example of Bust commissions:

External image

Bust commissions can be in any style and of any character. They feature the character’s head and shoulders, sometimes hitting under the chest area. They can show hands if the hands are lifted up or raised to the face.