Hi guys!

So I quit my job as a zookeeper! It was a hard decision, and one I agonized over for a LONG time, but I did it! And I’m a little sad but a lot excited to start on this new chapter in my life!

“BUT KENDRA WHAT IS THIS NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE?” you might ask, if you were the voice inside my head helping me write this.

It is ART, guys! ART. I’m going to be drawing for a living! With that in mind, I have stocked my Etsy store with prints! If you like what I do, please buy some! If you like what I do and know of any art related jobs you think I might be good at,  please let me know!

In a similar vein, since I am freaking out a little bit about paying my bills, I am also open to working as a Professional Reader. I am not sure that that is an actual job, but it is the only thing other than zoo keeping and art that I am good at. So if you or someone you know needs a beta reader, research assistant or someone to cry over fictional characters with, keep me in mind!

This is my Etsy store:

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(try not to starve)