Hi guys!

So I quit my job as a zookeeper! It was a hard decision, and one I agonized over for a LONG time, but I did it! And I’m a little sad but a lot excited to start on this new chapter in my life!

“BUT KENDRA WHAT IS THIS NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE?” you might ask, if you were the voice inside my head helping me write this.

It is ART, guys! ART. I’m going to be drawing for a living! With that in mind, I have stocked my Etsy store with prints! If you like what I do, please buy some! If you like what I do and know of any art related jobs you think I might be good at,  please let me know!

In a similar vein, since I am freaking out a little bit about paying my bills, I am also open to working as a Professional Reader. I am not sure that that is an actual job, but it is the only thing other than zoo keeping and art that I am good at. So if you or someone you know needs a beta reader, research assistant or someone to cry over fictional characters with, keep me in mind!

This is my Etsy store:

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(try not to starve)


Look! I made these Who-liday themed prints! They are adorable, JUST LIKE YOU.

You can buy one for $5 (Ood, SilenceStrax) or you can buy all three for $10!

In case you are as terrible at math as I am (I had my cat work the calculator), that is basically one print for free. Mostly this is out of holiday charity and love for my fellow Who fans, but also it is because no one is gonna buy that Silence print unless I force him on you in the combo pack (too scary or something? I don’t know what you people want from me).

Each print is 5x7, which is a standard frame size. That means it’d be hella easy to pop these suckers in a store bought frame, throw ‘em in a Christmas bag, and then launch them off of your roof in the direction of your loved ones homes via trebuchet, as is traditional.

However, because I am a quality craftsman, these prints are printed on gloriously thick and snowy paper, which means they can easily be turned into Christmas cards by writing heartfelt seasonal greetings on the blank side, with no threat of bleed through! (unless you use blood. don’t use blood. i mean, i know nobody is using blood these days but still, my cousin Robert might be on here and you can never be too careful.)

Watermark not included!

Professionally printed on enhanced matte paper!

Hand signed!


Here’s a couple of things I know about Natasha Stark, Earth 3490:

  • Her name IS Antonia but she always hated it because that was actually her mom’s uncle’s name (Antonio, that is) and the guy was fucking dull and had a ridiculous handlebar mustache and she never understood why her otherwise sensible mom could’ve allowed her only daughter to bear that name. So when she was about 10 years old or something she changed it to Natasha because she was obsessed with the military history of SHIELD and whatnot and she knew of the Black Widow program and was obsessed with the KGB agent turned spy story and at that point she wouldn’t even respond to any name that wasn’t Natasha. (Except y'know, from Howard because he was an asshole and didn’t ever give a shit about her preferences so he would still call her Antonia) and she probably legally changed it when she was 18. No one but Steve knows about it and if word got out she would never be abe to look at Natasha (Romanoff) in the face again. Steve does call her Tony when they’re alone.
  • Nat knows about it though. She just doesn’t have the heart to bring it up.
  • When she was 16 she shaved her hair off herself because Howard didn’t take her seriously as an engineer and also he was always going on about how she should be more lady-like. She did a terrible job and she hated it but she rocked the hell out of it anyway and girls at her school were soon shaving their heads as well. She has a photo of her a couple of months after she got the buzzcut in which she’s on the workshop floor sprawled over her belly surrounded by cables and shit and working on DUM-E (Jarvis took it) and one day when she and 616 Tony meet they discover they have the very same photo. Like they do look the same and it’s practically impossible to tell both pictures apart.
  •  I also I think she’s obsessed with her long luscious locks the same way dude Tony loves his goatee. It always looks perfect (except when down in the workshop) and it’s like a recurring theme amongst the Avengers, that it doesn’t  matter if they’ve been battling the bad guys for 2 days straight she will take off the helmet and it looks fucking fabulous and it shines and it flows (this is of course thanks to the magic of a lot of absurdly expensive products and a very committed personal stylist) because  I think that’s the one thing beauty wise she totally indulges herself with, like she obviously has the best clothes and make up and wears nothing but costume made haute couture but that’s part of her act, something she ditches as soon as she’s home. But her hair, she loves her hair. It’s not that she wouldn’t look badass with short hair, and it’s not like it wouldn’t technically be more practical, but honestly? if there’s someone who’d pick flashiness and glam over practicality and fucking make it work that would be Natasha Stark.
  • Steve really loves brushing it, btw.
  • There’s a lot more but this post is getting absurdly long.
  • fight me  (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง