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Aruani au where Armin stumbles upon a drunk Annie. Being the good natured dude that he is, he carries her home on his back while dealing with her drunken flirting.



Armin envisioned his night ending one of two ways.

Either he’d end up patting Eren’s back as his best friend spewed chunks in the bathroom, or he’d be stuck on cleanup duty after their wonderful hostess Ymir got shit faced as well.

Not once did he think he’d end up suffocating as Annie hugged his face tight against her bosom.

Oh, cruel fate.

How he’d love to be in this position any other night.

Though his face burned red, and his heart beat out of his chest, he knew his feelings for her, and raging hormones, had to be put on the back burner when she was possibly drunker than any of their other friends in that evening.

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