No, this isn’t the District Board design.
It was my submission though (:

I spent six hours at the computer, hoping to create a design that would personify the district board and its message to take service to INFINIBEE AND BEEYOND. The honey combs represent each division that acts as a cell, each mending together for a great purpose. I highlighted the infinity symbol mocking wings to show how integral it was that we took our work beyond what was expected.

Unfortunately, I was too late. The due date was the seventeenth, but by 7pm (when I’d turned it in) they had already sent in a design by 1pm.

The chosen design is wonderful, I do not doubt it. My design integrates a lot of the chosen design since I had been inspired by it. I’ll wear it proudly as a member of the CNH District Board (:

But it’d be really great to see at least one of these shirts printed. I was thrilled when fellow board members liked the design - to see them wear it? I think I’ll burst out crying.

This experience has taught me to be on time or earlier with my submissions. Not to let life’s opportunities slip through my fingertips.
Hopefully, I’ll have second chances to come ♥

Hi followers! I’m starting a new playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening soon, and can’t decide on a hair color for this chap. I’ve already asked quite a few of ya, but what do you guys think? Please pick one, and leave a comment or send an ask or something! Thanks in advance.

Favorite Video Game composer?

So, bocrabs92 tagged me in this post to share my favorite Video Game composer.  I’ve never really given much thought to my favorite composer before, but one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time is that of Napple Tale, a 3D platformer for the Dreamcast. The soundtrack was entirely composed by Yoko Kanno and is one of the best things ever!

Yoko Kanno is a fairly well known composer.  She composed the soundtracks for several games, but is most well-known for her work on anime soundtracks, Cowboy Bebop in particular.  Funnily enough, I’ve never actually played a game that she composed, but the soundtrack of this one game is fantastic enough for me to confidently call her one of my favorite composers!

Napple Tale’s soundtrack is so diverse and colorful that it is almost hard to believe that it was all composed by one person.  It hits every vein of emotion while maintaining a certain sense of vibrant wonder in even its most melancholic tracks!  Seriously, just listen!  

Napple Tale OST Part1, Part2, Unreleased Tracks, and Ragnarok II

Honorable mentions go to Daisuke Amaya, flashygoodness, and Jake Kaufman, all of whom have created amazing music for some of the most amazing games ever made!  

I still wanna hear your favorite, artlee, wittytwitofjusticeandstuff, and feybrand59!  

No matter what I try
I’ll always have these dull brown eyes
I’ll always have this flat nose
And unsymmetrical little toes
I’ll always have these damaged cheeks
And tear stained lids that last for weeks
I won’t look great in a little black dress
And my hair is a guarunteed mess
But I’ll have these little pens to hold
And paintbrushes that make strokes quite bold
And I’ll color in the most beautiful night
And that will be my great delight

- Sharon Lee

Heh, what a surprise :D

If you ask me who I’m gonna marry in Nohr and the third path, I’ll just smile and say “I HAVE NO IDEA”. Every man I really want is in Hoshido but, YAY, I’ve decided to marry Silas in Hoshido path (and nowhere else). Now look at this and tell me I’m a tragedy XD.

Anyway, thanks a lot to artlees for showing me this FEIF Sorter! Go and check it for yourself here!

dedicated to every sister out there. Your smile is precious, your heart beautiful. Never forget that.

an issue that’s been bothering me. no guy should lie to a girl, and every girl who’s been told she’s anything less than precious, gorgeous, beautiful is proof that that rule has been broken one too many times.

been there, done that. and no girl deserves it.
if youre a girl reading this, it’s most likely you can remember a time where you found yourself unsatisfactory. never good enough. never pretty enough. if youre a girl reading this and thinking this, i just want to remind you that confidence really is a girl’s best accessory. your smile is worth every star in the sky, and any guy who doesn’t realize it has been kept in the darkness.

be proud of who you are. because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect others to.