Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau

Graffiti art on its own is an amazing, albeit misunderstood art practice, but what happens when you swap concrete walls for LED lights and spray cans with a water gun? You get Water Light Graffiti! Created by Antonin Fourneau as part of his artist residency with Digitalarti Artlab, Water Light Graffiti is a wall of LED lights that is triggered to turn on selected lights, when they come into contact with water. It is fun for all ages! Months of testing went into making sure the LED lights turned on once in contact with water, but clearly all that work paid off.

Electronics and water are not often paired together, but because water is conductive, it reacts with specifically placed metal contacts on the circuit board of lights, decreasing resistance and allowing a current to flow. Christopher J. Woodall created his own version of this water-activated circuit, and with plenty of info-graphics and instructions, provides enough information for you to make your own!

-Anna Paluch

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