“Here Bbang, this one is definitely yours.”

au where b.a.p goes on “hello baby” and the kids are bangtan. himchan picks jin (the pretty one) and j-hope (the helpful one). jongup gets jimin (“why does this baby have muscles????”) and zelo gets sweet little baby jungkook. daehyun tries to pick the baby that looks like him and makes weird faces, but it rejects him in favor of youngjae (because all daehyun-looking things instinctively love youngjae) so he ends up with suga, who sleeps 2/3 of the time and is a huge fucking brat the other 1/3.

also 10 second bonus comic:

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Just quick fanart for some of my favorite tumblr blogs/artists. I felt like such a creep going through the art tags searching for ocs.  Will probably do a part 2 because i missed quite a few.

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And my bat.

I haven’t completely given up on drawing. I just felt like I drove myself down a stylistic hole that I didn’t like so I’ve been doing a lot of experimental pen sketching, most of which isn’t all too interesting to look at, but useful for me.

Here are some decently showable Feferis.

Also a thing I did. Remember that really old thing I did for March Madness last year? I did this. But I’m too lazy to finish it.

Eridan seems to end up with sourpuss a lot when I draw him but I think that’s okay because I think he would be that way in photos because he would try to make a model face but he’s too dumb to pull it off.