This might be just a lazy and kinda crappy just-barely-more-than-a-sketch for practice and I didn’t even bother to add his wheelchair just pretend their sitting at the foot of the stage after a performance or the risers they had during Say or something. or a background but the fact that I even drew them at all means that Wildebrams have truly reached OTP status. Quite an accomplishment since I haven’t been invested in any Glee ships since about season three.

God help me. Just when I think I’m done with Glee they make an adorable ship happen and I’m right back in. I have no fucking willpower.

And yes I do love it when Kitty’s hair is down <3 (she’s so pretty!) <3

i literally refuse to believe leliana willfully let schmooples ii and boulette be taken care of by an agent

she already handles hella shit from the divine, how is taking care of a couple nugs any different

but cassandra, cassandra would be like

and then implore leliana to have the nugs be taken care of by an agent

leliana would pout, but when the inquisition rolls around shes glad in the end

but after the game she goes back to where ever she lives and 

i call it canon

too cute to be not canon