artitae  asked:

Hey you all! I was wondering if you could help me somewhat, so. I'm a 22y/o Afab. I've kinda felt like being a guy for a few years now but I'm really short (5'1") and feminine looking, so I'm really confused about my gender? Also, how would you suggest to go out as a guy like 'undercover'? I'm still living with my parents and although I always dress rather masculine I don't want to come out as anything and maybe regret it later, you know.

Hey dude, anytime you go out alone try just saying something that indicates you’re a guy, like if you’ve a masculine name, if you say something about using a urinal, something like that, hope that makes sense. Second, try going online as a guy because that probably makes it easier. Just pretend you’re a cis guy, feel how it feels. Like try playing video games only having people know you as a guy. Hope this helps dude, and if any followers have any suggestions we’d love to hear them!