Taking a short break from Ancient Life to get some NPC designs done for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game that I am running.

Meet Coinpurse, my lvl 1 Kenku rogue. She formerly worked as a messenger and brigand for a band of thieves that preyed on travelers on the roads to and from Purdey’s Rest. However, like most Kenku she lost interest with the repetitiveness of the regular work, seeing it as a distraction from her and every member of her people’s only driving goal, to regain their lost ability to fly. So she left, taking her leave in the middle of the night, nimbly disappearing into the trees while former employers slept, their bellies full of meat and grog, their satchels slightly less full from the previous night’s earnings thanks to the nimble fingers of their now missing compatriot.

The band of cutthroats was run down by the local militia 3 days after she left, no one knowing who might have tipped them off.

Kenku are cursed beings, having their flight, original thought, and voices torn from them by their former other-worldly master in recompense for an ancient plot to steal an object of great beauty and power.

These curses make them excellent, if fickle, servants. Their lack of voice means they can only communicate through mimicking other people’s voices and environmental sounds. Her name, Coinpurse is what other races call her, because when asked about it she mimics the sound of coins jangling around in a purse as an unsuspecting victim walks, the sounds getting louder towards the end as if to signify her proximity to the target.

Coinpurse currently works as a messenger and scout for an enigmatic and brash paladin named Eli Bastion, at least until her views this job as yet another distraction from her ultimate goal.


Beatboard #1 becoming.. a storyboard!

It was tough deciding which one to pick for an animatic (and someday full-on animation) because my peers voted I focus on another. If I did, though- I think I would have been miserable working on it for the following months. I’d rather do something I’m happy with than illustrate an amazing story which brings me no joy.

Healthy choices! ™