Creators of Color Masterpost Application

Decided to put this in its own post! 

We would like to form a list of all POC on tumblr that make creative content for fandoms. All skill levels are accepted! We ask that you only apply to be on the list if you have a current blog and post content regularly( i use this term liberally)  

To apply please send an email containing the following information to :

  • Your name ( does not have to be your real name! Just what you go by on tumblr )
  • A link to your url 
  • A description of what you do ( artist, photoset maker, writer, etc)
  • Your race/ethnicity/what you identify as (ex: AfroLatinx, Romani, etc)

The only reason I am asking that you include your race is so that other creators of your racial background can meet and connect with you! In the process of making this blog I have received many messages from poc relaying their excitement because they want to meet other artists of their race or from their country! 

Please reblog this post to spread the word! We want as many as possible to be shown on the list <3