ya’ll kpop fans really out here thinking cl is the remy ma of kpop and she’s fucking not. she’s literally on the same tier as honey cocaine or iggy azalea. she’s gimmicky and that diet hiphop shit she tried with Lifted is not going to cut it here. that whole song was awkward as fuck and tbh the MV looked like a soda commercial. ya’ll wanna hype her up and out here begging for people to notice her but when she links with artists who are on the rise, ya’ll wanna cry about it bc you don’t consider them talented enough??? like when was the last time lee chaerin freestyled? foh.


@incorrectrotbtdquotes​ has a lot of brilliant quotes, but some of them are short, so they are the reason for this small so-to-be-called Collection of one-short (hehe ‘one-shot’, get it?) quotes.

They are a nice way to draw something quickly when I have time, or when I have an artist block. xD


Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” just hit No. 1 on the charts

  • Donald Glover thanked Migos for making “Bad and Boujee” in his Golden Globes speech — a day later the song is skyrocketing.
  • Migos is No. 1 on the pop charts, its very first chart-topping record, an accolade it has deserved to occupy for years. Astoundingly, it’s also legendary producer Metro Boomin’s first No. 1 as well. 
  • Both artists have had to watch handfuls of other artists rise, using some of the innovations they helped introduce into hip-hop’s current wave. 
  • Raindrop. Drop top. Justice has been served on the pop charts. Read more

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