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Name: Macy, but I don’t like that name so you can call me whatever the fuck

Nickname(s): people usually opt for twat

Star Sign: Gemini (June 14th)

Height: I think I’m 5'8" but who can ever be sure

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (I haven’t come out to anyone lmao hi)

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff rip

Time ATM: 2:24pm (us)

Average Hours of Sleep: 4 or less

Favorite Fictional Characters: toO mAnY

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: one that’s v fluffy

Favorite Band/Artist: atm Asking Alexandria (but Slipknot, Rise Against, mcr, Arctic Monkeys, System of a Down, Muse, at least thirty more, and Troye Sivan are my long term bitches)

Dream Trip: Japan and Sweden I nEED

Dream Job: I don’t like work

When Did You Create This Blog?: one or two months ago

Current amount of followers: 60

What do I post about?: Phan smut, pOrn, and random things that make me smile

Who are my most active followers?: @imnotmewhenimhungry  @skeletal-lester @lush-howell @whyareyouhere182 @phanpornandmore @muchphantrash

What made you decide to get Tumblr: I’m afraid of human interaction outside of the internet so I figured that I might as well expand my horizons (cheeky spon: my Instagram url is wendricksm)

When did your blog reach it’s peak?: no idea dudebro

Why did I choose my URL?: because the booty is lovely

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Good day! I am currently opening up commission slots in pairs. Once I complete a pair of commissions, I will open up two more and so on.

This will give me the ability to schedule time to ensure that any commissions which will be gifts (for birthdays, holidays, etc) get completed in time so you can give a super rad gift! I work full time in the industry so I will do my best to keep you updated on your commission and schedule :) Interested in a commission? Please Email me at: hello(at)arondraws(dot)com

I’m currently finishing up the last commission from the first batch, so I’m opening up slots again :)

Current Prices:

Single Character Cleaned-Up Sketch: $20 (example, example, example)

If you like a style/media I’ve done a particular piece in, let me know and we can figure it out. You can view my art at and

First come, first served. I will be making a waiting list after the slots are filled and working through it. Payment due before I start work, and payment due via PayPal. All commissions delivered digitally. I reserve the right to reject a commission piece and request another option from you if there will be an issue with subject matter. It never hurts to ask me though, so Email me with any questions :)

Thank you kindly! <3