heyitspj asked:

oh dw i know youre not ableist!! its just that zenpencils is notorious for their use of these.. wildly pretentious narratives and ableist ideas they're rly rly gross most of the time but DONT WORRY that doesnt effect how i see you at all. that comic is gross but u arent by any stretcj

I’m so sad that comics that sparked a lot of inspiration for me and for others are made by a person who is sparking a lot of trouble because of the way they bring out their comics and also display themselves onto the internet and artist community. I’m very sadden by all this. I guess the true inspirations are from the quotes and the stories from the actual people who said those quotes, themselves. Even if the artist instigated a lot of issues I am glad for one thing: I was able to know such inspirational quotes and stories existed because his comics introduced them to me through my dash. 

THe messages you brought to me have really opened my eyes to a new perspective. I thank you for educating me and I thank you for showing me another side of this topic. I’m glad I have friends who are willing to show me all of these things.