things to do when you’re bored:
  • filling a notebook with random conversation phrases overheard from strangers

  • creating moodboards for your friends

  • learning lyrics in a foreign language

  • reading challenges of any kind

  • creating playlists for different moods, seasons, times of the day

  • turning an unused notebook into an art journal

  • writing short stories on words from a random dictionary page

  • learning everything about a certain year or historical period

  • listing 100 places you want to visit

  • imagining the best version of yourself and jot down first steps to become them

  • trying and rating new skincare/beauty products

A Momentary Surrender

You know the way dreams have the capacity to render you completely defenceless as worlds form, exist and collapse before you? The way the people you talk to, the conversations you have and the things you see in those dreams feel so real, almost dangerously… too real. The way you can wake up suddenly from a dream, covered in sweat from fear, or abruptly laughing, or even worse, eyes puffy from sorrowfully shed tears. Dreams have that ability to make us surrender, even if momentarily, to the unknown.