The one who flew too close to the sun

Young ones, let me tell you a story. The story of our people.

We were once given freedom in the form of a pair of wings. They were our people’s greatest pride. But this pride was the beginning of our fall. 

There was a young one, greedy for the taste of Infinity, aiming higher and higher. His name was Icarus. 
The Heavens didn’t like this ; as the young bird reached the Sun, his precious wings went on fire and he fell to the sea, burning and drowning 

We didn’t all share Icarus’ tragic fate. But we shall bear the burden of our faults. Our once so pristine wings cursed with weariness, we became shackled to the ground. 


I really am a champ’ at unclearness. Tho unclearness here is kinda intended…
Interpret this story however you want! ~

However for some clarification, when the elder says “cursed with weariness” I intended it to mean that they can’t always fly as they get tired eventually. Which, according to the tale, didn’t happen before then. 

I’m a bit overwhelmed by this to be honest 😅 - I started sketching without thinking just listening to music and letting my hand work by itself and well, that’s what came out of it💖

I’m thinking of inking this for inktober, what do you guys think about this?

Please ask, tag and credit before re-uploading anywhere, thank you!😘


Reposting this, but with a different description-

Hi! I’m doing commissions! My mom is now working full time! While our bills are pretty much taken care of, we still need food to eat and things we need. We also live with a 42 year old freeloading piece of shit who won’t work to help us, despite his kids ALSO suffering from this. My mom, my two brothers and I need food and things like soaps, toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap.

Not to mention one of my brothers is autistic, so he only eats certain things, which we also don’t have money for. So I opened up commissions!


  • Anything goes. Any fandom. I literally do not care.
  • No gore. I can’t draw gore.
  • NSFW is iffy. I can try to draw it but I won’t guarantee it will be satisfactory.
  • Payment before product!
  • Want me to draw an OC? Leave an excellent description and/or a ref and I’ll go by that!
  • $1 will be added with each additional character, except for the sketches. Sketches stay $5, no matter what!
  • ABSOLUTELY no child pornography, rape, or incest. That’s gross; take that elsewhere.
  • No deadlines. While I will get it done ASAP, deadlines make it harder for me to complete things.

My Paypal email is

Please help by commissioning me! If you can’t afford commissions, can you do me a favor and reblog this to spread the word? That would mean just as much as commissioning me!

Thank you lots!

Iccra got a full ref, with some expressions, and a small selection of clothing/jewelry.

I’m absolutely loving working on this species again, I am hoping to start Iccra’s comic in the near future.

Note: they don’t often wear clothes, as they have no sexual organs on the exterior, nor do they shame for them. The three ‘sexes’ can be told by the length of their mane (shoulders, mid back, tip of tail) and how their ‘horns’ grow. (Bulsa have long maleable horns that they usually twist around their ears. Mu have short ones that sweep back over the ears, and Donks have large thick horns that curl forward similar to a ram.)