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Doing a little sale of test prints. All pieces are 8x10 and printed on gallery quality Canson acid free paper archival paper.

If you’re interested in a piece, message me. @foleypdx on Twitter,, or use tumblr’s system. FYI, these are one off prints, so they are very much first come, first serve.

Add $5 for shipping in the U.S. And $10 for international shipping.

• The Wives $20
• Teen Wolf $20
• The Man From Uncle $20
• DA:I - Krem + Harding $20
The Widow & The Wolf $20 SOLD
• Fen $20
• Boys $20
• DA:I - Dorian + the Inquisitor $20
Florence and the Machine $20 SOLD

To NSFW/Porn Blog Owners

You are not welcomed to follow. You will be blocked AND reported if you do.

This is a safe space for black girls of all ages. I post and reblog to celebrate my sisters and myself. Our photos and journeys are ours to exploit, not yours.

If you truly appreciate us, then make sure your blog is respectful. Otherwise, we are not objects or posters to throw up on your “booty hall of fame.” We own our sexuality and if we choose to show all, bare all, we will reserve that right to do so - wholly and completely, not fractured and edited. You don’t have rights to our bodies or choices.

We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunties, nieces, sisters, sister friends, freaks, straight, queer, sexual beings, human citizens, nurturers, Warriors, lovers, business moguls, artists, educators, wives, healers, survivors, goddesses, Earths!

We are not here to serve your perverted selfishness. This blog is not here for you to molest and troll for photos to satisfy your savage desires.

The magic displayed here is black-girl owned. And we are not looking for partners.


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anonymous asked:

Can you make an imagine about Harry dating a famous actress and make them the "it" couple

Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Category: casual?
Request: yes! please keep sending in!

Note: I want to sing, and maybe someday act, so this is a thing that’s on my mind a lot, at least in the SINGERxSINGER sense. So really the “it” couple thing could mean anything, “rich and powerful” couple, or “nice and cute and adorable” couple, and it kind of went both ways. ENJOY. Sorry it’s SO LONG. I enjoyed writing this, and i feel like it sparked more stuff so maybe it’ll be a recurrent theme? If you’d like let me know!

10. Never Ending BuzzFeed posts.

The first time you were linked with Harry was over a fangirl fit you threw, around the time you did your first big acting gig. Stumbling into him randomly about town, late at night, at a cafe. If the fact that he had recognised you from your small movie wasn’t enough to make you fangirl, quickly asking for a picture and posting it to Instagram, sure had you over the moon, that’s ok, it was all cool, until he posted it as well, captioning it “Uprising!” making a comment about your quick shoot into the scene.

People immediately took a liking to you after your movie and soon you were leading role for the next, getting to work with an amazing director, and having the time of your life, making your dream come true.

It was a couple interviews later that you were asked about Harry.
“Oh he was amazing. I didn’t have a lot of time to chat with him, but I’ve always been a fan so, you know I was fangirling!” you laugh telling the interviewer, who laughs right back showing the famous photo.
“Have you seen him ever since?”
“ A couple of times here and there, in red carpets and awards. He’s always nice and looking for a chat so I’m glad I get to stumble into people like him. Like Ed Sheeran, and Zendaya, Troian Bellisario she’s so cool, they are all so nice” You say veering the topic from Harry in order to stop your blushing cheeks.

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Big Angel Ang!

RIP Angela Raiola! Heaven is lucky to have you! Prayers and thoughts to your beautiful family! you will be so missed! The world will not be the same without you! 

Ormondsacker asked me: “Have you ever read Joanna Russ’ "How to Suppress Women’s Writing” and if so what did you think of it? I recently read it and couldn’t stop thinking how many of the mechanisms she describes in the book seems prevalent when it comes to how media treats fanfiction. Idk, maybe it’s just me.“

Oh man, it’s been (OY) almost thirty years since I read it, but man, I think you might be on to something. I remember the list of suppression methods most clearly–here’s the summary from Wikipedia, which I think is pretty accurate:

The book outlines eleven common methods that are used to ignore, condemn or belittle the work of female authors:

Prohibitions: Prevent women from access to the basic tools for writing. 

Bad Faith: Unconsciously create social systems that ignore or devalue women’s writing. 

Denial of Agency: Deny that a woman wrote it. 

Pollution of Agency: Show that their art is immodest, not actually art, or shouldn’t have been written about. 

The Double Standard of Content: Claim that one set of experiences is considered more valuable than another. 

False Categorizing: Incorrectly categorize women artists as the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, or lovers of male artists. 

Isolation: Create a myth of isolated achievement that claims that only one work or short series of poems is considered great. 

Anomalousness: Assert that the woman in question is eccentric or atypical. 

Lack of Models: Reinforce a male author dominance in literary canons in order to cut off women writers’ inspiration and role models. 

Responses: Force women to deny their female identity in order to be taken seriously. 

Aesthetics: Popularize aesthetic works that contain demeaning roles and characterizations of women.

Yeah, if you replace the word "woman” with the word “fan” here, things get pretty interesting…