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Doing a little sale of test prints. All pieces are 8x10 and printed on gallery quality Canson acid free paper archival paper.

If you’re interested in a piece, message me. @foleypdx on Twitter,, or use tumblr’s system. FYI, these are one off prints, so they are very much first come, first serve.

Add $5 for shipping in the U.S. And $10 for international shipping.

• The Wives $20
• Teen Wolf $20
• The Man From Uncle $20
• DA:I - Krem + Harding $20
The Widow & The Wolf $20 SOLD
• Fen $20
• Boys $20
• DA:I - Dorian + the Inquisitor $20
Florence and the Machine $20 SOLD

To NSFW/Porn Blog Owners

You are not welcomed to follow. You will be blocked AND reported if you do.

This is a safe space for black girls of all ages. I post and reblog to celebrate my sisters and myself. Our photos and journeys are ours to exploit, not yours.

If you truly appreciate us, then make sure your blog is respectful. Otherwise, we are not objects or posters to throw up on your “booty hall of fame.” We own our sexuality and if we choose to show all, bare all, we will reserve that right to do so - wholly and completely, not fractured and edited. You don’t have rights to our bodies or choices.

We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunties, nieces, sisters, sister friends, freaks, straight, queer, sexual beings, human citizens, nurturers, Warriors, lovers, business moguls, artists, educators, wives, healers, survivors, goddesses, Earths!

We are not here to serve your perverted selfishness. This blog is not here for you to molest and troll for photos to satisfy your savage desires.

The magic displayed here is black-girl owned. And we are not looking for partners.


jaymeson jiles
Founder, Get Fit Black Girl