artists' supplies

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

How to draw without a pencil

It’s funny that more than half of the time that I spend drawing a portrait, I’m not even using a pencil. Smudge sticks are something I absolutely can’t live without. My portraits were transformed the day I discovered them.

I usually draw the initial outline of a portrait with a faint 4B pencil. I fill in details with a much softer (8B or 9B) pencil. Giving depth and drawing shadows is done entirely by using a smudge stick.

Check out this tiny video of me drawing an eye.

Smudge sticks are very inexpensive. I use Cretacolour sticks, though some people make their own, by rolling newspaper into a point. They have the same effect, just depends on what you’re comfortable with :)


Traveling supplies– I’m using an assortment of pencils, ballpoint pen, and I have a kit I put together for using watercolors on a plane.

Brushes are waterbrushes that I filled before travel (they got through security fine). I got a small plastic dish with 2 compartments– one is for a damp sponge to wipe my brush on, and the other has paper towels. Container was $4.99 but worth it to have it be leakproof.

The watercolors are Daler Rowney Aquafine travel set. It was originally $29 at Michaels but wait till you get a sweet coupon in the app. I added a flesh base watercolor paint to a cup inside. I believe it’s Antimony yellow(???) and I can darken it as needed. It had to dry before I travel since it’s a tube paint.

I have smaller sketchbooks for on the plane, and I pack a larger mix Media book in my luggage. Pack paints in ziploc bag to be safe and carry extra paper towels to dab up water/paint if you have to pick up in a hurry :)


ive been watching a lot of art tutorials on youtube lately and one video recommended drawing on a mid tone colour to make the colours stand out more and reduce the amount of pigment required to get nice smooth natural tones so i ventured into the city to find myself a brown paper sketchbook… and made a detour via the muji store to grab a couple of other things 🙈 im looking forward to seeing how these coloured pencils fare against my more expensive derwents and staedtlers and whether i can do some interesting things on the brown paper ✏️🌈


Painted African Springbok skull. If anyone is interested the absolute minimum I can sell it for is $160 because I paid almost that for the skull itself and THEN did many hours of work on it. Taking bids!! I’d really like around $200 for it but if you absolutely love it and will cherish it, we can talk 💖 I originally had it listed on etsy for $475 so that’s less than half of what I was originally asking for. Please share and feel free to contact me if you want this beautiful warrior as a part of your collection 💖💚 I’m also open to selling the horns seperately from the skull itself and they detach easily and would be awesome as a craft project of your own!!

my problem as a fangirl and artist is whether I should buy merch or art supplies
like I don’t know whether I should spend 50 dollars on a new sketchbook markers and pencils or spend it on a supernatural shirt rwby poster and stranger things figurine


Recent pages with inspiration from Pinterest. I’ve been experimenting with watercolour lots recently, still can’t really seem to get the technique right, but at least it adds some colours to my book…