artists workshop


Here a little wip, process of our last workshop with again very cool teammates, this time @lichenslumber​ (compositing, animation, chara design, colorscript) and  @lisagrossbourgeois2017  (animation, colo, clean ) ! I was very happy to work with them for this one ! ✨

Adaptation of “The witches” Roald Dahl 1983

(I did the backgrounds, colors etc… )

A rough animation I did of Osmosis Jones breakdancing to Rappers Delight! This was really difficult to animate but so much fun! I’m going to revisit it some time in the future and actually draw in his features. 

The ancient story goes, the first robot’s were told by their human to not to touch the forbidden light bulb, or they would be banished from the junkyard forever.

An assignment I made at the design course this week at school. Didn’t sleep that much in the night, but quite happy with the result.

Blind drawing made during our gesture classes with Niall Laverty at The Animation Workshop. It was so fun and liberating only looking at the model and not thinking about how it turned up on paper.