artists workshop

A rough animation I did of Osmosis Jones breakdancing to Rappers Delight! This was really difficult to animate but so much fun! I’m going to revisit it some time in the future and actually draw in his features. 

Here is the last Character I designed for the Commercial project ,since i was not the one who came up with the toucan design.The Frog was the most easy character to design because his shape is pretty simple compared to the others.I was also also very luck to be able to animate this character ,because the audio file we used for this character was the most appealing to me. 


Here a little wip, process of our last workshop with again very cool teammates, this time @lichenslumber​ (compositing, animation, chara design, colorscript) and  @lisagrossbourgeois2017  (animation, colo, clean ) ! I was very happy to work with them for this one ! ✨

Adaptation of “The witches” Roald Dahl 1983

(I did the backgrounds, colors etc… )


✨☁️WIP of our new workshop in Stop Motion !☁️✨ Soon a new film ! And new gifs of our little baby TOMOO ! Can’t wait to show you this little man moving!

We’re working very hard (very very hard) with @valentinevendroux, @giannibouyeure, @antoinefrohlich, @salomehmn , and @nathanaelsonn !!! (I’m so happy to be able to work with them, a very great team !)

🇯🇵🍙stay stunned !🍙🇯🇵


My first amazing year at The Animation Workshop is now over, and we had our end-year exams last week. This was my take on Tillie from “Cats Don’t Dance” eating a pie.  I ended up changing the direction of her spit, since at first it looked like she was spitting on the rest of the pie, heh.

I think I finally figured out how animation charts work.