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Now this one was really fun to do because i experimented with another coloring style which i don’t usually do which is cell shading and it was a really long process but I’m quite happy with how this turned out. 



I’m Akshay (I’ll give my full irl name upon request) and I’m looking for freelance or even permanent work in illustration, character design, etc. I live in Laguna Beach, which is close to the LA area. 

You can contact me at, where I can provide you with more information–but in the meantime, I have an ~art tag~ you can look through! 

(The content in the photoset is arranged so that my newest work is at the top and my oldest at the bottom.) 

Reblogs are appreciated! (Help a broke artist out.)  

when ur both the tattooed cousin and the gay cousin


I think that art matters. I think the voices of artists matter. I believe a true artist doesn’t care what people think, but a truer artist cares about people. I choose to be seen so that we may connect. I choose to use my voice because it would feel selfish to have acquired the platform to represent the under-represented and to not use it and to not be heard.

  • me: louis is so iconic.
  • someone: wait, what? we weren't even talking about --
  • me: i mean, even after being put in a band he still didn't have many opportunities to shine. his mic was turned down/off, he wasn't given hardly any solos on Up All Night OR Take Me Home, which were his bands /first two albums/. let that sink in!!!! and if he let that discourage him, he didn't let it keep him down, which is inspirational enough on it's own. but not only that, he's used every negative experience in his life as a stepping stone to become better and better (especially career-wise).
  • someone: how did you put the parentheses in a spoken conversation?
  • me: people said he couldn't be a solo artist because his voice was "weak" but Just Hold On depicts exactly the opposite; JHO is full of range and really emphasizes the vocal power i've always known he's possessed. you asked about his songwriting?
  • someone: no i didn't but
  • me: don't even get me started on his songwriting. louis is one of those people who writes to tell a story. he takes the listener from Point A to Point B; within three minutes and thirty seconds, he manages to weave songs of high points&low points, good&bad, and most of all, an overarching theme of hope. he sings of love in a way that sounds attainable for anyone, and maybe it is. louis's songwriting sounds like memories being made and summer days and
  • someone: are you crying? again? i'm pretty sure this has happened before
  • me, choking down my tears: no i'm not crying shut up i'm not finished... bc i mean. not only is louis Doing That(TM) in all of these other areas (and slaying, i might add), he's still so lovely and sweet. he's humble and thankful for everything he has and for all the people who have helped get him this far. i mean, i have never seen someone so appreciative of their fans. he doesn't have to support our fan projects but he does because he /cares/. he loves us even though he doesn't know us and what's important is that he knows how to make us feel loved
  • someone: *sigh*
  • me, crying openly: i wonder if he realizes just how much he's adored and how much people admire him. because for the past six years, he's had struggle after struggle thrown at him and he's faced it all with such dignity and grace. even if he's had bad moments and sad moments, he still manages to laugh and make other people laugh and i admire him so much.
  • someone: are you done
  • me: i'm never done talking about louis but for now, yes pls put on up all night and cry with me. we're on 1d discography lockdown lets go
When you and your brother are dirty robot fuckers

It’s been like a week or two since I made something and finals have been kicking my ass, so here’s a quickie.

Voices by @commonwealth-compliments

Comic by @thaidraws


Charles Martinet - The Voice of Mario & Luigi - QnA Panel