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Whenever I see somebody criticizing JK Rowling’s prose style and saying she isn’t a very good writer, I instantly get the sense that it’s probably some self-important writer dude talking. I’ve been to grad school; I know the type. Some white hipster guy with a goatee who brags about how artistically splendid his work is, and laments how he should be famous because of it; only to turn around and complain because it turns out a GIRL is the richest novelist in the world.

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Yo yo yo. I really want to post covers on bandcamp because I don't like the whole camera thing. Do you know if I have to get permission from someone and would it be cool if I covered some of your songs? Thanks

As long as you don’t sell the cover and make sure it’s clear who wrote it you’re good. People say u should ask permission but every artist I know of is either so famous that it’s a given that people will cover their song, or if they’re smaller they’d be honoured to have someone like their song so much that they wanna cover it. So I say just go ahead and cover anything you want, just give the artist lots of love. Of course you can cover mine u dont need to ask

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Hey, how would the Mystic Messenger boys react to an MC who draws manga and has a series? The genre if up to you or you don't even have to mention it. Thank you and sorry if I broke a rule (it's not opening on mobile for me I'm sorry ;-; )

//cries// this was my only MM request ;;

Jumin: When he finds out that you have your own series, Jumin looks into investing in it. He’s wondering if he can somehow get his company to have a branch that revolved around manga, that way he could make yours the star of it all. He’ll do anything to help you get your name even bigger if you want.

Zen: Considering he couldn’t draw to save his life, Zen is absolutely amazed that you were well enough to have your own series with an already established fan base. He was never a fan of reading manga, but picks up a few pieces by you so he can get a better understanding of what you do.

707: Of course Seven already knew that you had your own series and — oh my goodness! — would you please sign his copy? He’s a bit of a dweeb when he finally brings up your series with you, wanting to pick your brain about where you’re going to take the series next. You’ll tell him, won’t you?

Yoosung: He knew he’d recognized your name from somewhere! A classmate of his had lent him a book to your series once, telling him that you were a rather great up and coming manga artist. Yoosung is rather flustered and flabbergasted when he finally meets you; now he knows another famous person!

V: Though he couldn’t quite appreciate your manga for all it’s worth, considering his deteriorating eyesight, V still manages to praise all of your works. Call it a guilty whim of his, but he’s always wanted to ask you to draw a scene from one of the many photographs he’s taken, just to see your take on it.

Saeran: Having not grown up reading manga, Saeran doesn’t really know how he should feel about knowing that you were the artist behind a rather famous one. It definitely made it harder for him to sneak you away, considering a lot of people would notice if you suddenly went missing.

Okay, so first off I didn’t draw this. It was my parents’ older friend who, after going over my own sketchbook with shirtless buff Dragon Age guys tried to sketch his failed attempt version of that. I should mention he’s like a, really famous professional artist and photographer.

Kinda random, I know.

But what makes me crack me up the most is that I’ve just noticed…

He looks like @awaari ‘s Galathan Lavellan without his vallaslin

And I just



D O R I A N.

M A   V H E N A N.


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But I would suppose since the Artiste family is a famous necromancy family they should have pretty good Budget. Right? And for the other part.. I will never stop insisting you are cute. Truth must be told all the time after all.

Sad it was a good question. Maybe she’ll be more interested in answering later.

Remedy Part 5

Was it love or just a dream?

Part 1 - I will always remember you

Part 2 - Only a wish

Part 3 - To be what I hate

Part 4 - A change of fate

Summary: Steve Rogers has deeper feelings for (Y/N) than he should have. He knows his best friend Bucky loves the same girl, but he can’t make his heart stop feeling what it feels.

Warnings: fluff, bruises and pain, sad thoughts from Steve


I was a little dizzy and my feet felt heavy with every step I took further down one of Brooklyn’s streets. I wasn’t in a hurry getting home, but I was tired because of my nightshift in the hospital and a very confusing meeting with a scientist this morning, who had left me with more questions than he had given me answers.

Erskine had done that on purpose so I would say yes to his job offer. He knew very well I would have to, if I would want to find out what I am.

A mutant, a strange creature with the power to manipulate cells and that was why he needed me.

Involuntarily, I clenched my gloved hand into a fist. Why me? Why couldn’t I just live a normal life like everyone else did? I was torn apart between going on with the life I used to know- or would I dare to throw myself into something new and dangerous?

Something that would probably change the war.

There was no chance to turn back once I was involved with the government’s plans and Erskine’s mysterious wonder serum. Still sounded strange. Still sounded like I had no choice.

I puffed in despise as I walked past the little bistro at the corner of the street and looked at the chalk written menu on which they advertised their phenomenal toasts. But I knew I had not enough money to buy me something yet, it was already hard keeping the money together for the rent with my low pay of nineteen bucks a month.

I walked into the alley I lived in and looked up towards the laundry hanging above my head along the red brick walls. Somehow I enjoyed the sight of the colours in front of the grey cloudy sky.

I took the stairs up to my small apartment where I was totally alone for the next couple of hours.

No, I was never alone. I had my best friends Steve and Bucky and they were always there for me as much as I was there for them. That was the way it had always been like since the early days of our childhood. The three musketeers, striding for right and against evil.

Armed with nothing more than broomsticks and a child’s imagination, we swore we would take care of one another, come what may.

I smiled lost in my thoughts of the beautiful memories and suddenly hesitated as I saw a familiar thin figure with blond hair sitting next to my door.

He stared down at the map in his hands and I saw him making a quick drawing with a stub of one of the pencils I had brought him last Christmas.

A bright grin showed up my lips as I walked towards my favourite person on earth and noticed again that the world always seemed to be a little brighter whenever I saw him.

He finally looked up from his art map as he heard my footsteps towards him. “You’re late” he said with a sweet smile on his pale face without really looking at me and I sighed. “Yeah, I… had something important to do. Emergency. I’m so sorry, I have totally forgotten that you wanted to wait for me.”

I looked down at the ground and felt guilty as I reached out my hand to help him getting up his feet. He hissed sharply. “Stevie, what’s wrong?” I immediately asked him, worried as I noticed he was in pain. “Look at me.”

Steve placed his hand on one rib and finally managed to look me in the eyes.  “Oh no” I said and my fingers lifted his chin a bit to the right to see he had a blue eye and a big bruise on his cheekbone.

“It’s nothing” he contradicted but he jumped out of pain when I touched his jaw to take a closer look at it.

I lifted an eyebrow. “I see” It sounded more amused than it should be, but still he tried to smile to show me it wasn’t a big deal. I sighed. Why couldn’t he stay out of trouble for once?

“What was it this time Stevie?” I asked him partly soft and partly reproachful. He grunted “I didn’t even know the guy but he insulted a dame and I couldn’t let him get away with that. He has a weak left punch though.”

I gave back a smile and lightly brushed my fingertips along the painful bruise while I watched it slowly disappear underneath my touch. It was long gone as I removed my hand and placed a kiss on his cheek instead. “Better?”

His long eyelashes closed shut as he sighed and the frown between his brows smoothed for one moment. “Somehow you always make things better.” He gave me a crooked grin.

“Why didn’t you go inside? You know exactly where I’m hiding the key“ I asked him and he shrugged his shoulders as he followed me inside my apartment after I had opened the door. “Don’t know, kinda feels strange just to step inside someone’s house without asking.”

I made a sound that really didn’t deserve Steve’s appreciation of my privacy and he gave me a challenging look. “So you want me to wait in your house for you to come home after your work? Maybe I should bake some cookies first to welcome you or feed the cat.”

“Steve I don’t have a cat.” I rolled my eyes as he closed the door behind him and sat down my sofa. “Next time I just yell, honey I’m home!” I said in a sassy tone, threw myself next to him and I kicked off my shoes with a sigh of relief. Not very ladylike, but I couldn’t care less.

I cuddled into the soft pillows, buried my face into the creek of his neck and could have simply fallen asleep just like this.

Steve had sharp collar bones and pointy elbows, but his hugs were just the best in the world.   

“It was terrible.” I muttered hollow and suddenly felt like a little girl again. It felt nice, warm and safe. “Whatever it was, it’s over now.” He said and I sighed deeply and let him stroke my arm, like the old days when we were kids and I needed to be comforted whenever something bad had happened.

Although mostly he was the one to be taken care of whenever he was ill and needed to stay in bed for weeks because of a bad cold.

Even then Bucky and I never left his side, so we three could build blanket forts and play until it was getting dark and we lit up candles to throw shadows on the wall with our hands. Making our own magic stories about fairies and trolls, princes and witches.

I loved them, they were my home. A home that my feet could might leave, but not my heart. Steve and Bucky were all I had, because it was never the same again between me and my mother since the day I- 

I frowned and shook the bad thought off. Instead I noticed it started to rain again as I looked though the curtains of the window. Little raindrops ran down the thin glass.

I felt Steve’s blue eyes looking at me in a soft way.

“I just wanted to look how you’re doing. It seems you spend more time in the hospital than anywhere else. Do I have to worry about you?” he asked me with a low voice and I looked up. “No… but you’re right Stevie and I should have spent more time with you and Buck.“ I replied sleepy and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten something. I seemed to only live on coffee and cigarettes.

I smiled and Steve swallowed as he saw how close our faces were and suddenly, in a split of a second, I asked myself how it would be to kiss him.

But the same second I noticed my childish and thoughtless reverie, I quickly turned away before I could do something very stupid and Steve’s map fell down on the floor.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I said and tried to collect the pieces of papers together which were spread all over in front of his feet, but he already had picked them up more quickly than needed. “It’s fine, I will-”

“What is that?” I interrupted him as I curiously laid eyes on the pretty drawing I saw between the others. I carefully picked it up and immediately lost my bright grin as I saw what he had drawn.

"Oh that, uhm… It’s not finished. Actually you’re not supposed to-“ I turned around towards him and saw his face turning red. “see it yet.” He added with a sigh, holding his messy map of art between his skinny fingers.

The pure beauty of the picture drawn with thin pencil lines was breathtaking and I sank back into my sofa.

My eyes wandered down every inch of the portrait showing a pretty young woman and I let out a gasp as I noticed it was me.

"Steve” I whispered under my breath as he sat down next to me again. “It’s beautiful. I can’t believe you made this.” My mouth dropped and he even got redder in his face and up to his ears which made me giggle. “You really think so?” He asked unsure and I nodded, not believing he didn’t see the genius in his art.

“I do, although I’m far away from being this pretty like you have drawn me.“ I touched the soft curls of my portrait and cuddled back under his arms.

It was just too real, too good to be true. There was even my name written in the lower right corner with today’s date. March 1943.

”(Y/N), you are this beautiful. I mean… pretty. Uhm-“ Steve grinned embarrassed and I chuckled. He really didn’t know how to talk to women, even with me and we were just really close friends. Or at least, that was how he saw me.

“Like I’ve said, It’s not finished yet. Sometimes drawing things or persons help me to forget about a lot of things you know?” His arm rested around me and his thumb slowly continued drawing circles on my skin.

I nodded in understanding while I carefully turned the pages of his map, although I knew he actually didn’t like showing his art.

More than once I saw my face showing up between pictures of landscapes, buildings and things he must have seen and caught them on paper with nothing more than a pencil and talent. “You really should be a famous artist. I know you will after the war maybe. I hope I’ll still be around to see you marrying the girl of your dreams and get beautiful babies and live happily ever after.”

He chuckled and shook his head in amusement. And suddenly there it was again, the worried frown between his brows.

I didn’t know what to say as he pulled a multiple folded enlistment form of the US-army with a big 4F stamp out of his pocket. So he’d been rejected for the fourth time and I didn’t dare to show how glad I was they saved his life once more.

I knew he wanted this, just like his father who didn’t make it back from the great war. Just like Bucky, who could get his orders soon and Steve would have to watch him go without him. The heart of a lion inside of a body too weak to take it up with the big world.

“Maybe it is better this way you know? But I’m sorry.” I said carefully and squeezed his hand.

“I should be going too.“ He responded with a low and thoughtful voice. “How can I stay behind while they’re losing their lives over there? Bucky is going and now I’m scared of loosing you too.”

“You’ll never gonna loose me Steve. We’ll stay together forever, remember? The three musketeers.“ I did it, he finally smiled again. “Yeah” he said quietly and we stayed in silence for a while.

I let my gaze wander around the slightly messy room with only a closet, a bed and a sofa on which Steve and I lay.

Well I was more the one who used him as a pillow, but he didn’t complain.   I was almost carried slowly into sleep with the feeling of his fingers playing with a strain of my hair. If there only weren’t the worries which preyed my mind.

About Erskines job offer for me to be involved with the government’s secret Project Rebirth. If I liked it or not- I would have to change my plans by joining the army as a nurse if I wanted to help him with his serum. 

Oh, how I would love to tell Steve all about it and ask him what I should do, but I couldn’t. It was top secret and even if it wasn’t I couldn’t explain it to him. Explain to him one of his closest friends who he had trusted for so long was in truth a mutant. Not even really human.

My eyelids became heavier and heavier and finally I closed my eyes. “Life is unfair Stevie, but we have to make the best out of it.“ I tiredly whispered while I listened to the drumming of raindrops against the windowpane and his slow, relaxing breathing. And finally I fell asleep under the calming sound of a heartbeat next to me. 

  “I love you” three little words, spoken with a sad deep voice that found their way through my peaceful sleep and I didn’t know if it was just a dream. Imagination or reality… it didn’t matter, I wanted them to be true


“I love you” Steve said and he felt the weight of a thousand tons upon his shoulders after he carefully lifted (Y/N)’s body up to crawl away and let her sleep.

Love was something great, love was like oxygen they had said in hundreds of stories, but it was something different if it felt like betrayal at the same time.

Steve knew how much he felt for (Y/N)… just as his best friend Bucky. Both the boys loved her as long as they could remember.

The only difference was that Steve had to suffer in silence when Bucky told him about her sparkling (Y/E/C) eyes when he gave her the bunch of daffodils he had brought her or about his plans to marry her someday.

Then Steve would smile and wish him good luck and he really meant it. Because he knew, which girl would like to be with a man they could step on? It broke Steve’s heart, loving (Y/N) and Bucky at the same time, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. All he wanted was them to be happy, because true love meant that the other person’s happiness was more important than your own.

All he ever wanted was to join the army so his life would at least be worth something.

Maybe it was better the army rejected him try after try, because Steve knew he probably wouldn’t make it back. It didn’t change anything though about the fact he would make more attempts as long as America needed soldiers.

Steve torn a piece of paper out of one of the pages in his map and quickly wrote down a note for (Y/N), so she knew he’ll be off working when she would wake up. He placed it on the small table next to her where she could easily find it and sighed as he looked down at her. 

One last time he gently ran his hand over the hair of the sleeping beauty before she turned around to the other side with a happy smile on her face which made his heart melt.

He knew (Y/N) wouldn’t need him anymore now, so he could let her be by herself although he felt like staying forever.

Nevertheless he grabbed his art map and stuck it under his arm while he carefully tried to sneak out the door and close it without making a noise. Once he was outside in the cold rainy spring, he stretched his back and didn’t feel the pain anymore. Oddly enough it was totally gone.

Steve deeply breathed in as much air as his small asthmatic lungs could take and finally started to walk away to search for another low paid day job in the streets of Brooklyn. 

Part 6 - Where my demons hide

Fairy tail fandom
  • Tumblr: reposting is bad, you should respect the fan artist more because they spent hours on each art for the fandom. you can't just repost without their permission on other website and act so rude when they ask you to stop like this.
  • Instagram: cool, bro! Keep reposting, we are helping artist to be famous and they should thank us for REPOSTING their hard work.

i dont get why theres so much hate on Macklemore. If anything, we should be THANKING him. He’s a famous music artist. Many love him and his music. The song he came out with may have been “offensive”, but it brainwashed a lot of people into supporting the LGBT. So i don’t get why you’re mad. Because a celebrity supports gay rights? Because you don’t like a white guy rapping about? Seriously? This dude got us followers. I honestly don’t give a crap how he did it. I’m just greatful there’s more awareness.

Am I the only one that always sees cool ass art on here as cool ass tshirts because literally like all of tumblrs artists should be famous and have clothing lines based on their work (if that’s what they want done with it)
Yall are so dope, thanks for sharing your creativity with the world😊