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The finished version of this post. I finally found my motivation again, probably thanks to all the BB content we were blessed with today due to the concert.
This drawing is loosely based on Daesung’s look in the Monster MV ~

It’s been a while since I drew any kind of semi realistic pencil portraits. About 7 years ago, so I’m a bit out of shape but eversince Final Fantasy 15 came out I just wanted to draw a pencil portrait that reflects the lovely character design by Square Enix which is realistic, but on the other hand still has lots of traces of those anime doll faces.

Prompto is wearing a different kind of a sleeveless Kingsglaive uniform, a special bandana and a chocobo medal, since, lets face it, after Noctis brought back the sun, he made his bro the official chocobo general!XD*LOL*

Media: Faber Castell HB Pencil on bristol paper


Even if you can’t commission me, reblogs or any boosts are so very highly appreciated!! C:

So I need money for a new laptop. I decided to do commissions before the one I’m currently using stops working completely (…I barely got it working for now and I’m not sure for how long it’s gonna hold). I still have school but I will try to get them done in the evenings as much as possible. Sorry if the prices are too much, it’s my first time doing commissions so more than anything, I’m just trying to see if I‘m able to get any at all. The rules are listed below (PLEASE READ):

*Send me a PM here on tumblr to contact me!!
*I accept PAYPAL only. I will send you an invoice after you confirm your request along with your email adress. Reminder that you’ll be charged a paypal fee (around 1~3$ at most).    
*Prices can increase or decrease depending on the complexity of the   drawing, and I’m open to negotiations
*I will start working after receiving the payment
*You can ask for 2 revisions
*Please be specific about what you want and send me as many references as possible, or a detailed description

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!! I’m not sure if I will get any commissions yet so there’s no slot system for now.

There are a few examples of my art above. To see more of them check out herehere and here. Basically what I can draw for you is:

*NSFW/Smut (This depends a lot!!!)
*Gay stuff
*Cute stuff 
*Combinations of the things listed above
*Your OC’s
*Characters from anime, manga, comics, games etc. 

What I won’t draw:

*Furry (I can only draw an actual cat next to the character/s)
*Realistic People
*Certain kink/fetish stuff