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more calligraphy I did on ps (I made a brush just for calligraphy) 

The first is “heech” ( “nothingness” ) in Farsi and the second is huwa-huwa in Arabic, the concept in which AllahSWT is realized through introspection of one’s own soul, which is often likened to the act of looking into a mirror (henceforth, “huwa” is often mirrored in Sufi iconography). 



Hey guys!!! I recently graduated college and I’m in between jobs right now and really need some money for foods and stuff!! 

The only thing I’m not keen on drawing would be NSFW. Other than that just let me know whatcha want and I will do my best!! 

Payments will be through Paypal. My email is so we can discuss exactly what you’d like and you can send me any reference drawings/photos you’d like me to work off of!

If you’re buying anything above a pencil sketch, I will send you thumbnails of ideas I’ve got and once we’ve found one ya like, I will begin to work on the final version.

I will send you the final version within a week of your payment going through. I will email you the finished jpg and then upload it onto tumblr/instagram within the following days.

If you’d like to see more of my art my instagram is Nixonsshades  and my art tag can be found Here

Thank you for readin! <3 <3 <3