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”We need more action. Bring in the lizard people!”

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Angie @novice-at-play / edit: Stephi @stephiramona

I’m a fan of Angie’s work and so it was amazing to edit one of her photos. It was fun, even though I was a bit nervous.
I made a lot with the graduation curve. Brighten the shadows and played with contrasts. I also played with the colors. I made the shadows cooler and the highlights warmer, which supported the mood I saw in this photo.

PWS MAD - Stephi

At the time we decided to do this, I had no new photos to submit, so I had to use one of my rejects. Of course, Stephi can make a fork look like a work of art and as you can see here, she salvaged my reject! I love the way she cropped it to give the sky more emphasis and also the way she brought up exposure and contrasts in the foreground to show the details of the rocks and waves. The colors are just… delicious!!  Thank you, Stephi and to the rest of the PWS clan for teaching this novice a thing or two… or seven!!

PWS MAD - Angie