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Made a little kitchen today to my new simmer Zelene. Hope you like it! 


Kitchen counters and cabins -

Kitchen ingredients -

Wire shelf -

Eames chairs -

Calender -

Flower polariods -

Recolored polaroids -

Wall -

Floor -

Tray on weels -!

Fruit bowl -

Fruit bowl with only ananas -

Lamps -

Bag with greens -

Fridge -

Table in the hall -

Cloth -

Storage -

Windows -

Flowers in vase -


I just got both my Eddsworld Fun Dead posters in from @gooey-draws-shit and I’m so excited!

One of them is at home and the second one is in my dorm right now and it’s really helping my Halloween aesthetic. Even though I won’t be here Halloween I figured my dorm room should still meet spoopy standards. (I’m going to be FX makeup for my theatre’s haunted house so I’m gone)
Both of these so amazing and I love Tobi’s artwork so much. His line work is always A+ (that shit is hard) and his style is always so unique and overall awesome. If you follow the eddsworld tag you can definitely spot Tobi’s art before you even read the tag.

Hi Tobi, I don’t know if you’ll see this but this really made my week. Ever since I ordered I’ve been checking my mail and this fixed what was a shitty weekend. I love seeing your art and replies on my dash. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you as a person (or as much as any of us can know you by your tumblr) and you really inspire me to draw more! I hope you have a great day :)
You’re the best,

(And have a Happy Halloween)

dude its a text post, what?

I saw a post a while ago here on tumblr dot com calling someone (an artist) dangerous because they thought violence is not right even towards people that you hate for their… political views, i guess?

The quote was something along the lines as “don’t support <name>, artists are dangerous” it was quite lol, so watch out, an artist / comedian out there just might have an opinion on twitter

and now update from me: I would draw more personal art for my blogs but whenever i have commissions i kinda feel guilty for doing that, even though i’m in this cycle where i finish my current commissions but then i need to earn more money so i open my commissions again so i do little to nothing personal work. But i think i just might start doing that, not drawing for my own self leaves me unmotivated and delays commissions because i don’t feel like drawing

thank you ola @chillouie for tagging me in this!! I always love doing these :D

Nicknames: vany, agnes (for some reason my brother calls me that sometimes)
Star sign: virgo
Height: about 165 cm, so 5′4 ???
Last thing I googled: tumblr dot com (ik boring)
Favourite music artists: 1d, all of 1d as solo artists, ed sheeran, shawn mendes, little mix….(this could go on forever)
Song stuck in your head: feeling good by michael bublé (i’m listening to it rn)
Last movie watched: girl on the train
Last TV show watched: htgawm
What are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a big t-shirt
When did you create this blog: i created this on in january 2016 (it’s still a baby)
What kind of stuff do you post: 1d (i try to be mostly drama free), tv shows and movies i like (e.g skam, shadowhunters, yoi,…) and other things i think are pretty or funny
Do you have any other blogs: no
Why did you choose your url: i wanted to combine shadowhunters and larry and this is one of the first things i came up with that wasn’t taken, and now i’m kinda attached to it
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff, i think (i haven’t watched or read the series, but before you scream at me i promised myself i’ll do it this year)
Pokemon team: mystic
Moral alignment: true neutral
Favourite colour: blue, pink, any soft/pastely colour
Average hours of sleep: 8 to 9 hours
Lucky number: idk ??
Favourite character(s): ahh i really don’t know, there are too many
How many blankets do you sleep with: one, two if it is really cold
Dream job: i’d like to work something with media, but i really have no idea
Following: 370

I tag: @rogueandeskimo @velvetsweater @anchorandrose @horansaetre @cmonbemybaby and @larryyyyyyyyy-af unless you have already or don’t want to :)

tattoo artist!luke’s body filled with various designs; roses and skulls, ships, anchors, patterns that curve and swirl and cover his entire torso, his arms, his back; they reach down to his hands and up to his neck and all of it is just a mass of things he liked the look of – except for one; the initials on his chest, right over his heart that are almost hidden but the cursive is different and the design around them is nothing like the rest and when you rest your head against him they fall just under where your lips do and that’s the only important one to him, really, the one he got for you.