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How to report bots that reblog your posts and inject their own links

You’re an artist having a wonderful day posting your art to Tumblr dot com. You don’t always get a ton of attention, but that’s okay. But then one day somebody reblogs one of your posts…

You’re super excited! Someone appreciates your hard work. Then you see the profile picture, and it’s something like this…

[Screenshot of a Tumblr notification that shows an icon that looks suspiciously like a white girl in a bikini showing off her butt, though it’s so small it’s hard to tell. “axpgthglewut reblogged your photo.”]

You’re suspicious at this point, but mildly optimistic. Maybe someone likes both T&A and your Steven Universe fan art. Then you go to their blog and…

[Screenshot of my drawing of Lapis Lazuli. My original description was replaced with the text “you want to fool around?” and a link that leads to God knows where.]

It’s happened. Again. For some bizarre reason a p/orn bot is using your completely safe for work art to get click throughs to something that’s definetly not safe for work. 

You desperately want at least your attribution back, but since Tumblr is so horrifically set up you’re very sure there’s no way to do that. 

Except you can!

Tumblr allows you to report copyright violations which includes removing your description and injecting their own link. But how to do this? 

Step 1: Report them

Go to that human icon, click it to go to the drop down, and select “Report”.

Step 2: Select “Community Violation”

This behavior is explicitly against the Tumblr terms of service so that’s where it goes.

Step 3: Select “Misuse of your identity or work”

Step 4: Select “Misattribution or non-attribution”

Step 5: Select “yes”, this is your work that’s being misattributed.

Step 6: Select “yes”, you posted it to Tumblr.

Step 7: Select “Someone reblogged it and injected a link to their own blog.”

Step 8: Put in the link to your original post, the link to their reblog, and your email. Then submit!

You can get it the link to the reblog without going to their blog directly by going to the dash view of the blog, hovering over the top right corner, right clicking and selecting “copy link address.

While all of us here on this trash website enjoy picking on staff, in my experience they take care of this kind of thing relatively quickly (usually 2-3 days). 

I hope this has helped at least some of you, and remember: only you can stop bot reblogs. [insert gif of Smokey the Bear here]


I just got both my Eddsworld Fun Dead posters in from @gooey-draws-shit and I’m so excited!

One of them is at home and the second one is in my dorm right now and it’s really helping my Halloween aesthetic. Even though I won’t be here Halloween I figured my dorm room should still meet spoopy standards. (I’m going to be FX makeup for my theatre’s haunted house so I’m gone)
Both of these so amazing and I love Tobi’s artwork so much. His line work is always A+ (that shit is hard) and his style is always so unique and overall awesome. If you follow the eddsworld tag you can definitely spot Tobi’s art before you even read the tag.

Hi Tobi, I don’t know if you’ll see this but this really made my week. Ever since I ordered I’ve been checking my mail and this fixed what was a shitty weekend. I love seeing your art and replies on my dash. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you as a person (or as much as any of us can know you by your tumblr) and you really inspire me to draw more! I hope you have a great day :)
You’re the best,

(And have a Happy Halloween)

1000 followers!!!!!! ive been here since what? 2011? 2012? and i finally got 1k! hahahaha
thanks to everyone whos been here since the beginning and thanks to the recent influx of yall too!!!

sprattack  asked:

Hey iI keep seeing all this negitivity for your art. Stop that. your stuff is great. I have really high standards for zim fanart because its so stylized so there so hard to adapt into other styles. YOUR ART IS SO GOOD. like holy crap! The quarky little angles, the diversity where you can dip into your style back to more show like back into yours agian. golly gosh gee wiz im really impressed. stop being so anxious you have no reason to be

aah thank you i know i need to stop beating myself up but it’s hard when there’s so many amazing artists on tumblr dot com and then here i am just a bean.

but thank you so much i’m very flattered that you took the time to notice all those little things about my drawings ;;v; <3

monaramis  asked:

The thing of the "what I like in the OC" meme is that i said these things many times already hahaha Anyways, I like Mordred young vitality aspect, his humor and his love for dogs. But more than that, his banters have such a good timing and he is a charismatic even with all odds. Meadwyn has so many layers, he is a character that is injuried but aim on prioritizing others first (and not the cliche 'painful background' but he does have a emotional density behind it that's really appealing)

I never tire of hearing the sweet words from one of my favorite artists and writers on tumblr dot com. ;))

Aaah, thank so much once again! The “charismatic” bit with Mordred is new! I pegged him as a paladin-like character as a joke, but it seems he satisfied some conditions of the archetype. xD Even if it seems he invested all of his charisma in being a threatening bastard with flaming swords and glowing mana eyes…But yeah. I rather like the thought that Mordred can inspire, or at the very least be kind enough to help people see that they can grow beyond their past injuries. He has an intuitive and deeply ingrained sense of compassion and empathy, and it might not get him far but it raised his friends up. That’s what I would like to think.

As for Maedwyn, gosh, yes. I did not think Mae would develop this far. I sort of made him up as a “filler character” because at first I wasn’t very interested in the Inquisition storyline, aside from the open world and the promise of new lore bits. I even had him as a City Elf origins because I was like, “whaaaaat? Dalish only? MEH.” But like an onion, HE GREW LAYERS.

He also made an excellent guinea pig for trying that new “calm and bitter” tone I had always liked seeing in others. Maedwyn’s injuries were deeply felt, fissures carved into his very core, and it was…a nice kind of melancholy to trace every line with my writing. I LOVE INTENSITY. It’s time I practice some myself. Whenever I get around to it, anyway. >__> *coughs*

Also I had all of your nice-words-to-my-sons posts favorited and saved. Just saying.

tattoo artist!luke’s body filled with various designs; roses and skulls, ships, anchors, patterns that curve and swirl and cover his entire torso, his arms, his back; they reach down to his hands and up to his neck and all of it is just a mass of things he liked the look of – except for one; the initials on his chest, right over his heart that are almost hidden but the cursive is different and the design around them is nothing like the rest and when you rest your head against him they fall just under where your lips do and that’s the only important one to him, really, the one he got for you.

anonymous asked:

is the art on your art page done by you or just stuff you enjoy? :) I like it

Thank you so much !!!!! Yes anything tagged under ‘a’ is done by me or if you clock where it says art on my page ! Anything else is just things I like !!! Shouts out 2 all the artists for yr work and allowing me to click re blog on tumblr dot com