GAAHH Chat’s my favorite but he’s difficult for me to draw! I had so many failed attempts before I finally arrived at this^. I was so determined to capture him that I didn’t give up until Ihad  finished something that I was somewhat proud of. For this reason, I’m really glad to share this particular painting. :)

Drawn in Photoshop CC.

So I played Dream Daddy and what can I say..Damien is my absolute favourite. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll! ♥

(Wow I haven’t posted in months huh? I still love Yuri on Ice, but if you followed me for YOI only, feel free to unfollow. I have so much more fandoms (and original stuff) I wanna share here! I will definitely still post YOI fanart now and then tho. So if you actually followed because you like my poopy art, feel free to stay <3))


Just realized it has been a long time since last time I did backgrounds so I just took my time and did some. And I think I’m now satisfied with my fantasies about Sanji’s beloved mother.