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Blessed be,

Last weekend I went to ren faire with some friends, during that weekend I was highly considering starting my witch journey but was very nervous, I ended up picking up a maple wood wand from a booth, it’s hand crafted and stained ebony, I felt a draw to the two artists in the booth and couldn’t quite explain why.

This weekend I attended ren faire again last minute, I ended up again in the same booth hoping to buy some crystals, I asked if she had a corespondent list as I was looking not being sure if she had one, she did and I chose a blue goldstone based on the words a healers stone being the only portion of her handwriting I could read, after a bit of reading when I got home I found out it’s a protection stone for empaths and a healing stone, it’s also a stone for those struggling with eating disorders to help them recover, something I struggle with highly is being an empath and now I plan to wear it everyday.

During my time in the booth I mentioned that I was a witch very nervously and that I was just starting, the young lady got very excited she tucked something directly into my palm and it was a white quartz she gifted it to me for protection she then ent to her partner who was talking with my sister about staffs, and signed that I was a witch at him, I managed to basically say for my sister to find our aunt and the kids and that I’d catch up.

I started talking with him and found out we all share similar upbringings in conservative Christian denominations, he and I spoke about paths his being fire and hers being earth he asked if I knew what I’d like to study and I said green witchcraft and earth path.

We talked about grounding and how I believe I’m an earth witch due to my connection specifically with my pottery, and how grounding is so important with our work as artist.

she then came up and handed me her staff, I could instantly feel it’s power throughout my skin and it was so powerful, I also brought up that I started my grimoire and he told me of being a teen and his mother finding his grimoire, she burned it and that broke my heart.

as we talked I found out he is of Native American decent and went down to his tribe to have a naming ceremony, during that time he studied under a shaman and he learned quite a lot, he also told me of a loving witch in a nearby town that has supported them, she opens her house to them and holds space for them.

As our conversation wound down he started to bless me then paused and asked permission I said yes and he blessed me in a tongue, throughout this entire time I almost cried, the gift of white quartz for protection and this gift of blessing and power was so precious. As I left I parted with blessed be, my first time, and I was so nervous, but he returned it and it was one of the most powerful encounters.

They have an etsy shop which I’ll link and if you’re interested in supporting them please please do. They’re a powerful young witch couple and artists who are doing what they love and following their paths.


if you ever see this, thank you for your impact on a young witch who is struggling with leaving behind his old faith, thank you for being the confirmation that I’m following the right path. Thank you.

I have more festivals the next several weekends in my home town (think star hollow like honestly all the damn festivals) my town is distinctly witchy for a small town and I’ll be hoping to have more encounters such as this where I can be openly witchy and learn from adults.

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Do you have any other blogs?: I have a wildlife one I started years ago but haven’t looked at it since

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Pokemon Team: Blue on Pokemon go, and I would love to have a team with Corsola, Clefable, Luvdisc, Vigoroth, Togedemaru, and Sudowoodo. But that would probably change if you asked me again in 5 minutes haha

Shout out to: Jake Gyllenhaal love you bb

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Cat or Dog Person: Love both, would rather own a ferret.

Favorite color: Orange and Gray

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Favorite character(s): Margot from All Summers in a Day, Death from The Book Theif, Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain

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