artists on the moon

Here’s a lovely princess ~ I had an interaction in mind,I doodled out a few scenes from it,and I ended up coloring this one. I think I’ll post the interaction after this,as usual it’ll be open. Bonus,under the cut there are the pics where I tried out different hair colors on her. :’D

Art,Astra belongs to me © @dreamer-rena-artz/ @dreamer-rena-universe

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Day 20: Deep

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Oh, it’s the space squids from that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode!” NOPE! Completely coincidental on my part. I’ve never even watched the show, although I have heard about that episode. I just started out like, “I’m gonna draw a deep sea creature in space. It’ll be a squid. Squids are cool.” I sketched one kinda reaching out to wrap around a moon, and then I did two of them circling around a space object, and part way through inking that I was like, “Oh, this looks like that one Courage episode I heard about. Oops.” So yeah, not intentional, as crazy as it seems.