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My Sunday pleasures- drawing motel signs )))) 

Roy`s motel sign illustration.
Ink, markers & pencils on paper.

🎈Original is available for purchase. To know the details please contact me

Greetings from Canada #osheaga15 from First Aid Kit

Greetings from Canada #osheaga15 © 2015 @firstaidkit // more RG via Instagram


Madame and The Sacred Cow
An encounter with the courtesan and her retinue.

A Drawing I did for Node World, another world-building group on Facebook. I had a lot of fun with this one as I was waiting for the opportunity to really break in my Cintiq after getting it back in November. 


This is the follow up to my initial part of The Clipped Hussar series, when I introduced our hero. The Twins are a series of characters she will encounter along her way.

When designing characters, the trend skews toward singular heroes that survive and operate independently. This was an exercise in creating a duo whose functions were co dependent, two parts of a whole. The premise was simple: one acts as the muzzle of a musket and the other acts as the hammer. Hopefully the personality of that dynamic comes through.

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Graeme McCormack © 2015


“Fight or Flight” (July 2015, charcoal on paper)

It was super fun and freeing drawing these birds! I must say I enjoyed drawing them the most out of all my animals from my show “Creatures from Dust” at Queen Elizabeth Theatre! I forgot how much I love gestural drawings!

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