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so after seeing this thing on my dash (that’s with my response)

i brought this to their attention and that’s what happened, they blocked me and told me i didn’t know anything about fair use however, fair use is a DEFENSE and unfortunately, if it’s an artist who isn’t in the mainstream making things that almost everyone knows of, they aren’t going to get credit/exposure for their work 

this is theft

even if it was months/a year ago, the post with my work in the icon got popular and my work went uncredited and all i asked for was an acknowledgement on their part 

if you could spread this, i would really appreciate it

awesome set of various alice expressions, similar to my dreamwidth icon commissions. in the second game, we see a shift of her london self in wonderland. alice is healthier looking and has longer hair! the hair is even animated like real hair, alice’s hair flows in her face and it’s all over. for that, i wondered if i did expressions, if her hair could be a vocal point of her mood. alice’s hair flows around her. it compliments her face, she hides behind it when she’s wild, fighting, or insecure. or at least, that’s how i write her out in RP.

typically, victorian women her age wore their hair up; alice doesn’t. in a sense, it’s childish how she has her hair flowing out, much like her pinafore dress. i think it’s equally symbolic to her as much as her blue dress and apron. her world is childish but alice is not quite the child anymore. it can be a representation of her transition into adulthood. the old and the new. ultimately, her hair could also be seen as a symbol of her freedom, her desire to go beyond the mold of victorian society. what she is in wonderland is what she wishes to be.

i don’t really think the designers and animators thought about it, but here you go!

Hope you don’t mind me making this public because I’ve been putting off this list for a LOOONG time and its a question I get asked a lot (so it’ll go into my FAQ).  Everytime I realize an artist inspires me, I put them in this list.  So here’s the list of artist’s who inspire me as of 10/8/13!