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pigmented playlist, fall 2017 🌻

12 songs we’re listening to at the moment:

1. james joint by rihanna

2. focus by h.e.r.

3. afraid by xavier omär

4. droppin’ seeds by tyler, the creator

5. november by tyler, the creator

6. spazz by dreezy

7. location by khalid

8. diddy bop by noname feat. cam, o’bi, and raury

9. 20 something by sza (we always gotta have sza on the playlist)

10. wool by earl sweatshirt feat. vince staples

11. real eyes by quasimoto

12. fingerprints by hiatus kaiyote

Welcome to the Voltron Magazine!

This is a Voltron themed zine designed to look like a magazine. Featuring mainly the Galra world with a sprinkling of the paladins, it’ll contain everything from ads, news stories, interviews, articles, and full page fashion drawings to whatever else your heart desires. Applications will be open August 21st - Sept. 15th for both artists and writers. Until then, check out the links below and help us spread the word! 

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