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artist-emerald  asked:

Wow, I can't believe Savino did something like that. Literally if you're going to be in the animation industry, don't do anything stupid. This is literally what happened to the guy who made Clarence.

Gosh me either. But honesty I’m not surprised since he drew an incest comic a long time ago.

But I feel bad for all of the women who he has harassed all these years

And I know that this is gonna sound silly, but I feel bad for the Loud kids because they had be created by such a gross person.


Finally had time to finish this piece from forever ago. I’ve always loved Escher’s mind bending work and I’ve been really into drawing glass lately so it’s only natural to mix the two. I used a free sketchup model of Escher’s stairs as the base for this drawing. You can find tutorials of how I utilize 3D in my drawings on my website. I forgot to record the drawing process for this one in particular, but the concept and process is all the same.

Now that I have bit more time after moving, expect lost more updates soon, and new comics are under way as well! :D


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Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe (VERY IMPORTANT) and have fun~ <3