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ID #91441

Name: Kat
Age: 17
Country: Russia

Hi! I’m looking for someone to talk to everyday and who would like to one day become great friends with me.
I’m the very talkative type of person but I also don’t mind being on my own. I’m an ENFJ and capricorn and I really like to read ( mostly YA fiction), I draw a lot because it calms me down and helps me illustrate my ideas so I’m working on a sketchbook basically… I really like history so if you’re into that and like to share whatever you know we will instantly kick off ☺️
In a penpal I would prefer someone to be the same age as me or a year older and I would like for them to not give up easily on getting to know me ☺️

Preferences: Someone from 17-18 ( age)


I wanna thank @spaceboy-lance for helping me with this AU greatly.

We have nerd Yuuri who get his first tattoo done by Russian tattoo artist Viktor, and than there’s piercer Yurio who’s Russia’s youngest tattoo artist.

Viktor had moved from Russia to Japan to tattoo more people than he does in Russia. Yurio falling close behind to meet the flower shop person across the street, Otabek.


Yuuri very much has a fan page for Viktor’s work.

He’s redrawn a couple of Viktor’s works before.

Yurio is allergic to flowers but refuses to let Otabek into the shop because of Viktor’s habits to talk to much and be to rude.

Otabek is very afraid of needles and only has one tattoo.

Viktor is technically covered in multiple tattoos, I just don’t really have time to cover that picture in tattoos.

Everyone Enjoy

ID #42530

Name: Ivon
Age: 14
Country: Russia

Hey everyone! I’m fourteen year old girl from Russia. I’m a little bit shy and funny (I hope). I have such a diverse musical taste. I like to draw but I’m bad artist. I like to read books too. I have only one friend in real life. I’m LBS and Arianator. My favorite subjects at school are literature and English. P.s. funny fact is that I wrote my questionnaire in wrong place (where to ask questions) and later I wrote second “question”. This question is “damn”. I’m so stupid girl. Sorry for my mistakes. I guess you know that English is not my native language. So, don’t judge me please, mate :)

Preferences: I need a friend 14-16 years old for talking and supporting each other. Gender and orientation does not mean much.

About ME

My name Agnia Arkhipova and I not speak English very well.
Artist from Russia, Perm.
Love read russian classic literature (”War and peace”), fantasy (J.R.R. Tolkien’s  Middle-Earth“Dragonlance”) and children’s books (”Little Nicholas”, “Paddington bear”).
Watch a lot of cartoons, including “Kikoriki”, “The Fairly OddParents”, “Ladybug”.
In my free time I’m engaged in a photo, traveling and blogging in Instagrame.
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Turning Passion Into a Profession with @bambolica_dolls

To see more of Svetlana’s creations, follow @bambolica_dolls on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

Svetlana Rozhnova (@bambolica_dolls) has always been passionate about dolls, so much so she started handcrafting her own collection five years ago. “Every doll is unique and special,” the artist from Belgorod, Russia, says. “I like to experiment and work with different materials and technologies to create unusual characters.”