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hair tutorial?! please :3

HELLO! I’m not too sure on how to make a hair tutorial since i kinda just go the hell out with it (its really inconsistent it hurts lol). But i’ll try my best!

Scalp points is really important. You would want it to look natural, and from there you can control where your front hair goes. There are 3 main points, one in the middle and the other two by your temples.

I usually divides my hair sections into 3: the front, sides, and back. YOU DONT REALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW EVERYTHING THOUGH, JUST DO YOUR THANG. I know, my hair structures doesnt make sense with the points and stuffs lmao. But yeah you got my point.

Examples with different hairstyles:

Note to self: do not attempt curly hair if you’ll just fuck things up

Side view examples:

Girls Hair example:

Girls hair doesnt make sense. Just go crazy and make them fabulous queens.

So yeah, thats all i manage to think of. There are great artists out there who make better tutorials than me lmao. Check out kelpls amazing tutorials, or just look at some fancy kpop artists’ hair for reference their hair are amazing

Lego Batjokes Prompt Fill: makeout scene

This ended up being more serious (and less in-character as far as the movie is concerned) than I necessarily intended it to be, but I mean, y’know. Happens.

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You may have noticed that i’ve jacked up my art prices.  Even though I am uncomfortable sometimes with it being this high, I figure to myself that I shouldn’t contribute to the low prices of commission art, and that i should lower the bottom line for artists better than me because of my own insecurities. I hope you all understand.

Use your own discretion when you commission me. If its something you don’t see in my art tags at all, its probably something i won’t draw, but I will lay down a couple more obvious ones. 


-fecal matter (this request only happened once when i was 14 and first starting out in the commission game but better safe than sorry)

-Underage looking characters in NSFW themes (this topic too hot i’m not touching it, i don’t know how to draw children looking characters anyway)

Anything else is pretty much fair game, but whether or not i can draw them well is up to your own judgement.

I’m open to making deals if you for some reason want a large amount of drawings (if you notice that i’ve been drawing a lot of Flash lately, yeah that person got a discount)

Paypal+contact email:

Thank you for your time! :)

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Someone needs to draw the costume and tattoo. Please, artists. Don't make me do it. You don't want stick!Victor and his shitty tattoo.

I intentionally did not describe the costume/tattoo in any real detail in the hopes that one of the many amazing artists in this fandom would have better ideas than me. Perhaps we’ll get lucky!


“I’ll get you, my kitty!”

Classicat #18: The Whiskered Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Fuzz by L Furr-ank Baum

In the original novel, the Witch is not green. And she carries an umbrella, not a broom. And she might only have one eye. And I don’t believe that she ever says “I’ll get you, my pretty!”

And she isn’t a cat! 

Can you imagine????