artists being awesome

This is some devilpool|MattxWade with a spiderman tsum tsum (because coff coff red team coff coff). I wanted to draw something, this was suggested and in the end I decided to give this uglyness to @holmesazetaz because they wanted it. I love you, dude. 

So I got some mail today… 

…and saw where it came from…

…and subsequently flipped my shit because @banhmiboy has me feeling like Christmas came early!

Thank you so much for the amazing bundle of Until Dawn/Climbing Class goodies. I am so smitten with everything! Ugh, the quality is so good (the printer you used is freakin’ on point), and as for the prints? Oh, my poor heart… One day you will end me with your work and I will come back and haunt you. Not a threat, a promise.

To summarise, go show this amazing guy some love because he’s always brightening (or darkening) my dash with his gorgeous art. Do eeeet.


Is it ok for me to do my monologue now? I take it as a yes.

Gravity Falls has changed my life for the better and I have met so many friends, fellow artists, and learned a thing or two from this show. Thick plots, well developed characters, an amazing villain, and beautiful art! Alex Hirsch, with all my heart, I would like to say thank you! That goes for the fandom too! And artists, NEVER STOP BEING AWESOME!

also this song I believe describes how the show went

if this actually gets to Alex I will scream


This was so fun! I saw a lot of other artists doing it, so I wanted to try it! I wanted to do the artists I admire. You guys are an inspiration!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you for being awesome artists and sharing your talent! 

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anonymous asked:

First of all I like to say that I really really REALLY LOVE your art style. You are honestly one of my all time favorite artists. Keep up being awesome like you always are. now, i'm thinking about making the spain doll you drew long time ago for my chibi romano cosplay. However, I really wanna try and ask anyway, do you know what material I can use the best to make the doll? it would be a great help if you thought with me on this one.

((Thank you!! ;O; Oh gosh, this is a little complicated. I’d love to answer it in depth with a tutorial or something– but I only have experience sewing clothing. I’ll just list some things and give options to consider, I guess?
I know a lot of people who make plushes and they usually use some variations of fleece (I assume anti-pilling fleece) because it’s soft, colourful, and easy to sew. I had a natural cotton material in mind when I drew it, because the fleece I mentioned isn’t anywhere near the 1500s. For the hair, I think I had a thick yarn in mind when I drew it, but usually I see people just cut the shape from fleece as well. The face would be easier to paint on, especially his cheeks, but I also had hand-stitching in mind when I drew it for the mouth and eyes at least. And for stuffing, I had something in mind like the body was a more solid stuffing (cotton fluff) while the limbs were stuffed loosely with beads/beans because they were more floppy. It might be complicated to sew the clothes directly in, instead of making a body and sewing miniature clothing, but that’s what I had in mind. Here’s a little turn-around of the doll with some seams drawn in. It’s definitely not a 16th century rag doll but ease >antiquity in this case lol  If you get stuck at any point making it, ask me off-anon and I’ll try to help in more detail! ))

Shoutout to the artists and writers feeling down on themselves because they don’t have a vast follower count yet, or as many notes on a piece as they hope.  Don’t give up! Your art is precious and never use a giant and fairly confusing website like tumblr to judge the quality of your work. Don’t give up! :)



Being an artist was awesomer. 

You were a pint-sized Pollock that was going to storm onto the abstract american interpretive art scene. Each paint slapped canvas was an expression of your childhood angst and a personal social narrative on nap time. The smeared lines were your soul and each day you finger painted your next masterpiece for the kitchen art gallery.  

You’re creatively impotent now. You’ve given up on crayons, and you fridge is no longer frames your best works. There’s no paint under your nails and you can barely make a stick figure of a man. 

It’s time to get the paper back out and start coloring outside the lines. Let’s doodle and draw. Let’s put imagination to paper and express ourselves the way an awesomer kid would. Let’s kick art’s ass. 

Artist Appreciation Week!

As always I’m late to the party :’)

I want to send out a big thank you to all of you artists out there, for being a big inspiration to me and to others, for sharing your art for free with all of us, for being completely awesome!

Some of you draw, some write, some of you make edits, some dabble in different medias, some I know personally (most I don’t), some of you are professionals and some just started… but no matter what, you are an artist and you deserve to be thanked for all the work you put in your creations!

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And all of you whom I haven’t tagged! If you’re an artist, no matter who you are, thank you for being awesome!

TMNT - The Noxious Avenger

Just thought I’d post my thoughts on the ep with a bunch of pics and gifs.

1. First, the garbage man. 

“It’s a thankless job, I’ll tell ya that. I like keeping my city clean.”
What an upstanding character. A true Hufflepuff! But… do the words “city,” and “clean,” even go together? Oh well. Gotta admire his work ethic.

2. Rocksteady has a hammer and sickle. 

I know our countries aren’t exactly supposed to be getting along right now, but I love how Russian he is. <3


I know a lot of people cling to the older cartoons for nostalgic reasons, but you can’t deny that 2012 has the best brotherly interactions between the turtles. 

4. Joe Eyeball doing the Pillsbury Doughboy thing was really cute. :3

5. Blonde girl in purple SPOKE!!! As some of you might know, I’m kinda hoping for her to get turned into Mona Lisa later. The fact that she’s getting more screen time can only make me hope! 

6. It was so cute that April said Mikey should have been left in charge of naming the monster. Well, he may not have named the monster, but he did name the whole episode! Good for you, Mikey! And omigosh his face. lol

7. “Find butt, then kick it!” As sweet as Raph is in this series, he still maintains that kick-butt attitude that made all his fans love him. I think he’s a really well-rounded character in this adaptation. 

8. “TURTLE MEN???”

I remember back in High School when some of my male classmates would try to fool themselves and call themselves men… they were boys with hormones, that’s all (not that there aren’t exceptional young men who grow up fast, but these guys weren’t them). I like Donnie’s humility (and accuracy) here. 

9. Awww Mama Bear April

10. Awww… sick turtles… so cute!!! (I’m sorry, is that terrible to say?)

But I mean look how cute!!! And look, it’s the return of Leo’s duck blankie!!! LEO YOU’RE SO CUTE ALKSDOIWEOFIWEOIFWOEFIJWOEIM

11. I loved that whole bit about Joan Grody knowing they were mutant turtles, ninjas, and named after artists. Splinter being mad was awesome, and April was so cute. I just have one question… HOW DID SHE KNOW THEIR NAMES???

12. Karai! I’m so glad they’re mentioning her so much and keeping her subplot going even with everything else happening. 

13. Why’s it always Mikey’s room? We still need to see Leo’s and Donnie’s! It is cute seeing all of them hanging out in one of their rooms, though. 

14. Another reason they should be in Donnie’s room… why’s he doing sciencey things in Mikey’s room? And how exactly is Muckman’s puke affecting their very DNA? Will that come into play later or something? Or will they just develop an immunity to the toxic puke? 

15. Splinter. What a boss. 

…That’s pretty much all I have to say about him this episode. He’s a boss. 

16. NOOOO bad Leo! You’re my favorite because you’re good! …But man you’re cool when you get all serious with your Seth Green voice. :3

17. Have we ever seen the turtles more… them than in this gif? I mean look how perfectly they’re all summed up in this moment. 

18. Oh April… your acting is so bad. “Oh whoa uh help!” lol But you know what I love about this moment? Not only is Splinter awesome, but April knows it. She knew he’d catch her, even though he was so far away. As Princess Anna would say, “That was like a crazy trust exercise!” lol April trusts Master Splinter so much, and it’s absolutely beautiful. 

I loved pretty much all of April and Splinter’s interactions in this episode.

19. “Who would throw away perfectly good eyeball?”

……I’m not really sure what to say about this quote. 

I loved Bebop’s though. “We hate them more than moldy cheese! …Unless that’s your thing, being a trash dude or whatever I’m just saying.” lol

20. Mikey said uber :3 and… conspicuous? That’s not a word I’d expect Mikey to use, even if he does know it. 

21. Mikey and Raph may not have been allowed to drive because they’d hit things for fun, but now we know why Donnie wouldn’t let himself be driver. He hits things without meaning to. 

22. Raph: “Busting into Kraang labs? Not very heroic, Mucky.”
      Leo: “We don’t wanna hurt you, but we can’t let you rob the lab.”
…………What? It’s a Kraang lab! How is taking stuff from the Kraang not heroic?

23. Muckman has a rubber ducky in his stomach, did you notice? It’s rather adorable. (Sorry, didn’t get a screencap of it, but it’s in there!)

24. CREEP REFERENCE!!! Gotta love the continuity. 

25. Muckman: “At least I’ll be human! People won’t call me a freak!”
Leo: “So what if they do? As long as you’re doing the right thing?”
Oh the feels… I got a little misty-eyed here. 

26. WHAT WAS IN THAT SMOKE BOMB? Aspie no likey!

27. Donnie and Mikey were so cute when they went to check on Muckman, especially Donnie. His voice and his face… <3

28. Raph: “Stuff happens. It’s all good.” He must be growing up… he was rather quick to forgive. :)

29. Leo freaking out when he saw the reporters… oh the cute. 

It’s my headcanon that he was the most upset over them being accused of being child-eaters, because he had a tea party with a little girl once. None of the others have really interacted with children. 

30. The Pulverizer got mentioned! Awww. Now unmutate him, Donnie! Whip up some retromutagen and make him all better! 

31. Splinter is still such a boss. XD

But chillax, April! The most he can do to you is give you a stern lecture and then call your dad… who would probably give you a second lecture. And then ground you. 

32. Where’s Casey? Has he found his dad and sister and moved back home? Is he out looking for them? Is he being a vigilante somewhere? Seriously, where’d he go?