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more HPCC WIP sketches I did recently!

I want to finish these in time for all the ‘Thank you Cursed Child’ compilation projects going round for the cast change this May, but who knows whether I’ll be able to… *lies down*

long way down

for the @pjohoobigbang! this was definitely….an experience

shoutout to @alensko for helping me out so many times. when i was freaking out about the outline to when i was freaking out two nights ago. shoutout to @zoenightstars for keeping me sane and helping me push through this and just being there in general. shoutout to @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for running this big bang! additional shoutout to @percyyoulittleshit for also being super super supportive and helping me with problems and getting me to write when i just wanted to cry. i really couldn’t have done it without you. 

shoutout to the people who were on my team for just a short while and mega mega shoutout to @dorkabeth and @philtatos1 for being amazing artists and sticking with me through this all.

this was rough. it was hard and not my best. college applications really screwed me over big time. but still, i hope you enjoy.

Hazel heard the door creak open from the back room of the shop. She sat back on her heels and pulled her hands from the basket of rosemary, wiping the dirt on her hands onto her skirts. Pulling herself to her feet, she started her way through the maze to the front of the store.

She stepped around the thyme — she was running low and needed more — and skipped over the jars of cat whiskers. She ducked under a hanging basket filled with mandrake roots and squeezed between crates of furs and precious metals. She reminded herself that she had to get those bones from Nico as she past the nearly empty basket, and she spun to a stop behind her small counter just as the customer reached it.

“Hello! How may I help—” Her smile froze as her eyes fully took in the customer. He was tall and broad shouldered, but he stood a bit like he wasn’t sure what to do with his body or size. “You today?” she finished. She met his eyes and hoped he hadn’t noticed the slight pause.

He looked uncomfortable, unsure. He rubbed his neck and looked around. “Um, I’m looking for Hecate.”

Hazel’s eyes darted towards the crest on his left breast. At least he could try and hide who he was. That was always more fun. “I’m sorry, she’s not in today. Is there anything I can do, or may I take a message for you?”

He gulped and rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. She could tell that he was trying to be threatening, but the blush that was creeping up his neck made him look even more nervous. “I know what you do here?”

She smiled. “Of course! It’s on the sign!” She motioned to the door. “Apothecary’s and Herbalist’s,” she recited.

He shook his head. “I know what you really do.”

“Hecate really is an apothecary and herbalist,” Hazel said calmly. She re-tied the knot on a bag of mixed herbs. “We sell herbs and medicines.”

He shifted his weight from leg to leg. “Along with…other services.”

Hazel’s eyebrows shot up. “I hope you’re not insinuating what I think you’re insinuating.”

He nodded and leaned forward. “I am. Magic.

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19K+ followers!

YOU GUUUYYYYSSS!! I snuck over the 19K follower mark yesterday evening, but apparently I gained a whole bunch overnight as well (*≧ω≦*) 

God I always worry that these posts sound contrived and insincere, but I honestly, genuinely, am 100% continually delighted, touched and overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. Every like and reblog and added tag and message mean so much to me and the enthusiasm for my Haikyuu!! AUs never fails to blow my mind. 

Thank you for being the best bunch of followers a person could ask for <3

[This is perhaps a little premature, but I’d like to do a giveaway for 20K followers. I’ve never done one before and don’t even know what people would possibly want from me, so if you have suggestions drop them in my inbox!]

By Krsnprpr over on her Twitter

happy happy birthday to the wonderful chartini~! you’re an inspiration to me and have been since before i joined tumblr… not to mention you’re the esteemed captain of the nedro ship ahaha

i hope you have a wonderful birthday miss char!! ;v; /

Artist’s Appreciation Day :D

Okay so, every single one of you listed here has inspired me and helped me to become a better artist every day, and I’m so thankful to be following you. Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of the world, you’re all so very talented in your own right and I’m forever grateful to see your beautiful creations show up on my feed <3 Keep up the amazing work you gifted cinnabuns!



Can I just send a snuggle to all of you lovely authors out there? If snuggles aren’t your thing please accept a “boop” or a “high five”.

Ya’ll are truly amazing. You take so much time to create some really lovely things, under the pressure of fandom demand (bc you can never update fast enough amirite?) and the scrutiny of ignorant shit disturbers. But you all keep trucking along, and try to stay up beat and supportive of each other, and supportive of the people who stop by for a friendly word or advice (because you always have the right things to say). You’re fiercely protective of your fandom and your friends and don’t ever think that goes unnoticed or isn’t appreciated (we readers don’t tell you enough how wonderful you are).

So from me to you, thank you. Every single one of you

Love Your Artist

Here’s the thing: if I’ve ever liked or reblogged something of yours, or left comments or kudos on AO3, I love you. I really do. You have brightened my day. You have brought a smile to my face, or made me shed tears, or both (sometimes in the same piece).

But I’m one person. If I haven’t done any of these things, it may be because I was busy, or because I didn’t see it, or because I meant to but got distracted. Our interests may not entirely overlap. Vast swathes of my dash go by without me seeing them these days. And that’s not even beginning to touch on the number of people I can’t follow because of time constraints. There are so many people out there doing so many amazing things, making fandom what it is, providing almost endless content for free. You are amazing. You are so, so amazing. Yes. You. Especially the ones who are shaking their heads right now and saying, “Not me, it can’t be me.”

Have you ever created anything, and put it out there for others to see? Ever? You’re amazing.

I love seeing love, I really love seeing love, (and please, please, please don’t take this post as a criticism, because keep on loving out there; I mean it) but I also feel a great sorrow for people who, instead of feeling loved this week, feel left out and sad, who feel like some people get all the attention while they get none. My heart breaks for those people, even when I don’t know who they are by name. 

I’ve made a lot of friends through fandom. Hopefully you know who you are, and you know I love you. I hope time will bring me more friends in fandom; that’s the joy of this place, these interactions.

It can be incredibly discouraging to work really hard on something; to shed blood, sweat, and tears; to love something, and feel like it vanishes into the un- or under-appreciated void. If that’s how you’re feeling this week, I am so sorry. If you create anything, I am so proud of you. No matter what anyone says, it is brave to put yourself out there, and braver still to pick yourself up after disappointment and keep on trying. I don’t know all of you personally. Many of you create things I don’t personally get the chance to see. I wish I were more present, that I had more time. But please, keep creating. Please.

For my part, I resolve to keep creating, too. And I resolve to keep leaving comments and kudos, to keep liking and reblogging and recommending, whenever I get the chance. I resolve to keep trying to be a good friend, to support those who come to me looking for support, to keeping sending anon love (because who doesn’t love anon love?). I resolve to love all the artists I love, and to constantly love new ones, too.


I went to a painting thing today with some of my family and it made me so happy. My painting may not be perfect but it’s the first time I’ve ever painted something like this and I’m gonna be honest I’m kinda proud of it. Also I love having paint on my hands like asdfghjkl it’s all on my nails and it’s making me even more happy ugh😊😍

xhermionedanger’s 551 follow forever

i was going to wait for a cooler number but i was feeling appreciative so… fuck it. these are my faves and i don’t want to wait anymore. i love them all. they make me happy and feel fulfilled and loved and i will cling to them until i have no strength left in me. they’re writers, artists and amazing human beings (even if i don’t know them all as well as i’d like to). i adore them and you should love them too. 

@adioszombie | @allmuckledup@art-by-g@asrundream | @askbrothersebastian@atardisinskyrim | @av-mello@bisexualbodyguard@blewbeary@brokenvael@cassandrashipsit | @chestnutsnidget | @child-of-crom | @commanderlillianroseshepard@daydreamingofdragons | @demihawke@dorian–rutherford@draco-illius-noctis | @earlgreyer1@elmroko | @flore-purpureo | @fool-of-arts@forgotmyline@fuck-arl-eamon | @grotesquecallisteia | @jack-the-giantkiller@jessykuhdreamcrusher@jessythewolf@krem-de-le-creme | @kullenight@largepuppy@liege-lord  | @littlexabyss || @manicparadox | @nirdish@nyagosstar@pfaerie | @radovanvirholt@raynmakrr | @redxluna | @renegadechristie@salsgal@schneezusweiss | @scribeklio | @serpentsdance | @slightlyirritable | @snubbingapollo | @stupid-poetry |  @s0uthernsugar | @sweettart-cosplay |  @teyla-adaar | @thekingofcarrotflower | @thetrashhero@tsuraiwrites | @unironicallypunny | @vanguardshepard-commander@ym523@zendelai

i know i’ve probably missed a ton of people who i really love but this is who’s popping to mind tonight. if i missed you please remember that i’m just an idiot who’s really, really bad with names.