artists being amazing

don’t complain later when bts don’t get up to receive any awards at mama when you didn’t vote.


happy april fools day!! 🎭 here’s an art style challenge….. is that still a thing thats happening lmao?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

to the artists i’m tagging: i hope i did u all justice omg?? :’D you are all amazing artists, and please keep being amazing!!

@spibbles @aizy-boy @kei-pai @yakisoda @raythrill @juuria @bunny-yams @midnigtartist


more HPCC WIP sketches I did recently!

I want to finish these in time for all the ‘Thank you Cursed Child’ compilation projects going round for the cast change this May, but who knows whether I’ll be able to… *lies down*

This is for @theinsanefruitloop-chan for be a good friend, a berry nice person and a berry talented artist!

Thank you!

Hope you like it!!! :D

(I usually don’t blog paper Drawing I make but I want to show this one)

@shinyzango and her Bendy, having a >:3 contest.


🌟 If when your private life is dreamin’

You’re livin’ the strobe light

And you will find the life you’re needin’..

You’re livin’ the strobe light! 🌟

I’d like to post about my family and my life, but because I’m a heterosexual, cisgender, white girl, I apparently don’t exist according to most of the tumblr posts I’ve seen. >.> Seriously, guys. There’s “equality” and then there’s “immaturity”. Moving over to the other side of the scale is NOT what those that originally fought for your rights wanted. I have no idea if people are joking or if they’re serious when I see posts saying “You can only like [popular thing everyone likes] if you’re gay” and I actually feel a little bit hurt when cis girls are completely cut out of the “girls are [something positive]” posts. Girls are already fighting for positive representation and appreciation and respect, we really don’t need YOU GUYS invalidating us, too!

It’s okay to be cisgender. It’s okay to be heterosexual. It’s okay to be WHITE. And I’m sick and tired of tumblr spreading posts that say otherwise. I’m tired of being indirectly insulted by people making posts like this.

At least put a “heterophobia” or “cisphobia” tag on your posts so I can block them and live my life in peace. I’m tired of feeling like I’m worthless and hated just because I’m white, cisgender, and heterosexual.

And before you send me “Well, this is what we deal with”, I ALREADY KNOW THAT. But tipping the scale all the way the other direction is NOT equality. It is, and I don’t care if you laugh, “reverse racism”.

Stick your “down with cis” crap up where the sun doesn’t reach. I don’t care if you’re joking in these posts, it STILL HURTS.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS I HAVE HERE, blamedorange!!!! She constantly makes me laugh with her amazing humour, no matter how weird and eccentric it may be. :p

Have a doodle of your ultimate OTP you nerd I love you platonically!! ;D

Find the coupling fanart for this from n-a-d-h-i-e and fanfic by snogfairy because we’re all the Lyredy queen’s minions too. ;w;

By Krsnprpr over on her Twitter


“(If I were to squeeze in one extra tip,) I would assure young artists that it’s perfectly normal to feel depressed about your own work from time to time. I don’t think you can create really good work without some degree of doubt and anxiety.”
-Shaun Tan, artist, writer, film maker

happy happy birthday to the wonderful chartini~! you’re an inspiration to me and have been since before i joined tumblr… not to mention you’re the esteemed captain of the nedro ship ahaha

i hope you have a wonderful birthday miss char!! ;v; /