artists & editions

Google isn’t a source.

Pinterest isn’t a source.

weheartit isn’t a source.

Random fan blogs, Instagram and twitter accounts are not a source as long as the fans didn’t take the pics by themselves.

And “saved on my phone” is also only a source if you shot the pic yourself.

Please people, source your pics and edits.

It’s not just the only respectable thing towards the artist but also the best way for fans to find the highest resolution pics possible. Sometimes I try to add sources to someone elses post but it gets harder and harder to find the originals because of so many unsourced and uncredited edits floating around. If you appreciate not only the artist seen in the pics but also the artist who actually took the pic and gave you access in the first place, then try to find the original post and add the infos to your uploads. Imagine your admired person in the pic treated the same as the people who upload original content. It’s an impossible scenario because then you’ve mostly never heard of them!

Treat artists with respect. The ones in front of the camera and also the ones behind the camera.

And to take it one step further: it’s best to avoid paparazzi pics where they invade the personal life of people for the sake of money.

I stg all y'all manga edit makers better be putting artist credit on your posts too. just bc they’re published artists doesn’t mean they are instantly recognizable and don’t deserve credit for the art you’ve “repurposed” and spread around like you spent all that time and effort making it yourself

Somewhere in a dark room, a male Tumblr artist draws a girl. But this is no ordinary girl that he is drawing. You see, the girl he is drawing in this work in particular has slightly bigger boobs and hips than the girls he usually draws. With one deft stroke, he bravely erases her thigh gap; a selfless act of martyrdom to the fat women everywhere who so desperately needed his help. At last, some REAL representation! Their voices can finally be heard! He gently brushes the eraser shavings off of the picture and holds it up to the light, but does so carefully, so as not to uncork the lightning he had just captured in a bottle. As he looks upon his drawing the way a mother looks at her newborn child, he takes a moment to reflect on the monumental societal impact he has made. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he lovingly proclaims “thicc.”

I bought a fat pack of marker pens cos there’s nothing better than hands soggy with rainbows of ink!!

ft @therealjacksepticeye!

So I really wanted to go to bed early… but unfortunately I saw Phil’s new video and… yeah. I sketched this super-quickly and it’s got basically no artistic value - but enjoy - Daniul and “Lucas”. 

Gotta give it to Phil though - these outfits looked awesome. And he gave off these Quicksilver vibes with his blue wig