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Who Needs A Kit?

It Looks As If Kieran Foran Has Sucked His Shorts In Training Today, As He Shows Off His Toned Legs, Muscular Hindquarters, And Thunder Thighs, All The While Demonstrating Incredible Stamina, Strength, And Overall Athletic Skill.

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David Motta Soares + Marfa Sidorenko
Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Grand Pas Classique
Bolshoi Theatre, 2014
Photo by Remy Lamping

Golden Waters - 1/?

She’s America’s Sweetheart, the ‘royally inbred’ gymnastics star who’d spent her whole life dreaming of winning Olympic gold just as her parents both had. He’s the British bad boy who’d only turned to tennis as an escape from his painful past, and somehow found himself named to the Olympic team anyway. Suffice to say, they’d never seen each other coming. But you know what they say: What happens at the Olympic Games… changes your whole life?


Emma Nolan had officially never known she could look quite like that.

She’d stared for an awfully long time, trying to find something that looked off, looked wrong, but no. They’d abided by her one condition: absolutely no Photoshopping or editing of her image.

(Gymnastics pretty much required an unrealistic body type as it was. She wasn’t going to be responsible for promoting a gymnastics body that had been heavily computer enhanced.)

No, this was definitely all her.

Looking almost inhumanly beautiful, a Siren calling. She looked strong and gifted, ready to take on the world, ready to take flight.

The Olympic ideal, caught in mid motion of one of the moves she’d become famous for, one of the moves that the whole world expected to make her into a champion. Granted, a personal hair and makeup team made a world of difference - no wonder all the movie stars always looked so incredible at premieres and awards shows - and the stylist that had presented her with no less than the most stunning dress she’d ever laid eyes on, that helped too. Add in one of the most gifted sports photographers in the business, and she’d had a hell of a team to work with.

Still, it was all her. Her body, stretched and flexed, as far and pointed as possible within the limits of human capability. Her face, caught fierce in her focus.

She made one hell of a picture.

Which was good, cause God only knew how many thousands - millions? - of people were going to see it.

She was on the freaking cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Artistry In Motion…

Matt White Demonstrates Why Athletes Can Approach Artistry At Times…

The Grace Of His Movement…

His Complete Focus On Making Contact With The Ball…

The Sheer Beauty Of Him!

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The Beautiful Men Of Rio

Matías Moroni Earns A Gold For Talent And Looks.

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Man Of The Match!

While I’m Gutted That England Lost, Hat’s Off To Dan Biggar For The Fine Performance That He And Wales Showed Tonight!

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The Pit Stop

Santiago Cordero And Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro Make It Hot And Sweaty In The Gym!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What Better Way To Celebrate Than With Rob Kearney!

Erin Go Bragh, Baby!


My Hero!

Nate Ebner and His Mates On USA Eagles Have Done More For Rugby In The USA Than Any Other Men!

You Are A True Sport Stud, Sir! And so Are Your Mates!!

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Friday Frolics: Sliding To Sochi!

Bobsleigh Is One Of My Favorite Sports To Watch In The Winter. It’s A Thrill Watching A Two-Man Or A Four-Man Sled Whizz By You On An Iced Track At Breath-Taking Speeds!

Still More Thrilling Is Watching The Lycra-Clad Crew Push The Sled For Close To 50 Meters From A Standing Start On The Ice Track And Then Jump Into The Sled In Rhythm With Each Other! It’s Truly Artistry Of The Athlete In Execution!

These Sports Studs And Men In Tight Uniforms Are Fast, Fit, And Focused! There Are Several Teams To Watch In Sochi: Team USA, Team GB, Team Canada, And Team Germany. Another Favorite Is Team Australia Looking Mighty Fine In Their Tight Gold And Green Uniforms.

One Standout Is Bruce Tasker Of Team GB! He Is A Great Brakeman, And Is He Ever…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

clored16-deactivated20160325  asked:

What do you think about ballet? Not the little girl all in pink jumping around I mean professional dancers. Like the athletics and Artistry ps. I'm a pre professional ballet dancer myself

I love it! Leo is proficient in ballet and has shown me not only how amazing it can be in his own performances, but also a bunch of ballet films!