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reading trauma’s lyrics got me sad again because they really are talking about how idols lose more than just sleep, they lose a lot of their humanity as well. they’re so bold to talk about how vulnerable they are, vernon talks about how he has “virtually no friends” but in the mv tons of “fans” are surrounding him. wonwoo talks about his reason for living, and he feels like he’s put himself in a rut of living perpetually in the limelight. while coups is the only one in a warmly lit room, the rest of them are in cooler toned rooms, looking even more isolated and boxed in. the price of fame and wanting to put your voice out is difficult and terribly linear, the thought of doing anything else other than their music is both simultaneously thrilling and terrifying to them


Who Needs A Kit?

It Looks As If Kieran Foran Has Sucked His Shorts In Training Today, As He Shows Off His Toned Legs, Muscular Hindquarters, And Thunder Thighs, All The While Demonstrating Incredible Stamina, Strength, And Overall Athletic Skill.

Woof, Baby!


*moon, venus, and/or mars*

aries: challenges/risks, bold apparel, adrenaline rushes, physical activity, immediacy, reckless nights, reputation, independence, leadership, divergence

taurus: large beds, comfort food, fruity scents, rhythmic music, sensuousness, lazy days, cuddles, accommodation, consideration, establishment

gemini: diverse conversation, communication, play, humour, mentors, frolic, banter, flirtation, teasing, networking 

cancer: sympathy, familiarity, flowy & fair apparel, candles, a safe haven, gardening/flowers, profundity, sincerity, philanthropy, unconditional love   

leo: attention, tlc, adoration, caresses, entertainment, dramatics, masculine scents, courage, the ability to be uninhibited 

virgo: minty breath, clean sheets, fresh scents, organization, modesty, competence, reliability, up-do’s, simplicity, productivity 

libra: charisma/fondness, creativity, connections, style/aesthetically pleasing features, wealth, floral scents, hugs, pictures, cooperation, choices 

scorpio: in-depth conversation, black apparel, mysteries, privacy, danger, passion, cold nights, intimacy, control, the divulged 

sagittarius: directionless driving, laughter, the exotic, honesty, friendship, the outdoors, expansion, buoyancy, flexibility, movement 

capricorn: power, practicality, security, recognition, a good laugh, discretion, maturity, action films, devotion, soft rock 

aquarius: individuality, reformation, distinct apparel and accessories, association, laid-back atmospheres, no hard feelings, nights alone, oddities, progress, warm welcomings 

pisces: sentiment, subtle scents, artistry/muses, empathy, a supportive hand, sense of belonging, outlets, to inspire, validation, feeling significant 

                  Cool hands curl around a fragile throat
                          Fingerprints as
𝓪𝓻𝓽𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓴 on snow-white canvas.

             Press blue lips to my 𝔰𝔪𝔦𝔯𝑘
                          If you had just вєнανє∂,
                                     this wouldn’t have to 𝕙𝕦𝕣𝕥.

Sheer Beauty

This Picture Gets To Me. The Photographer Catches The Moment Just Before Joey Bosa Catches The Ball. The Sunshine Glistens Off His Helmet, Gloves, And The Muscles Of His Left Arm. The Power Of This Athlete Is In His Well-Defined Tricep, Bicep, And Calf Muscles, As He Engages All To Make The Catch. His Jersey Fits Over His Shoulders And Torso, Revealing A Firm Upper Body And Core. And His Shorts Drape Just So To Reveal Powerful Thighs And Gluteal Muscles.

Woof, Baby!

Artistry In Motion…

Matt White Demonstrates Why Athletes Can Approach Artistry At Times…

The Grace Of His Movement…

His Complete Focus On Making Contact With The Ball…

The Sheer Beauty Of Him!

Woof, Baby!


Not So Random Hot Guys!

Jeez, Louise! I’m Falling For Jonathan Groff And Raul Castillo Of HBO’s Looking. Not Only Are They Sexy As Hell, The Two Are Really Good In Their Portrayals Of Patrick, The Young Guy Who’s Unsure Of Himself And What He Wants, And Richie, The More Confident Yet Sensitive Guy With A Sense Of Wonder At Life Around Him. There Are Those Who Critique The Show As Too Slow, Yet It Accurately Portrays The Dreams, Fears, And Desires Of A Great Many Gay Guys. Check It Out. Stick With It. It’s A Good Show! 

And These Two Guys Are…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Sheer Beauty!

Not Only Is The Artistry Of Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein Obvious Here, But The Artistry Of The Photographer Francois Nel For Getty Images Is Exquisite!

Woof, Baby!