The Hunger Games - Nameless Characters - ¼

Mr. Mellark

Frustration. Frustration and defeat can resume how Mr. Mellark sees his life. In a small district, where marriages are arranged or predicted since early age, he watched his girlfriend give up everything for another man. We don’t know if he fought for her, but he lost her anyway. Trapped in an unwanted marriage, all he could pass to his wife was regret, then having a bitter, violent woman beside him.

Absent father, shy and discreet. Those things we know for sure from Mr. Mellark. But we also know that in his heart he’s kind, and is specially found of Prim. He couldn’t stop his wife from abusing his children, and he also wasn’t a strong male and fatherly figure for his sons, but Mr. Mellark is definitely another victim of the Capitol’s greed.

Frustration and a kind heart; I can only imagine him as a sad man.