artisticly inclined


Aug. 8, 2017 || Here are some of my old monthly titles, along with my April goal log, and a savings tracker. I know march looks incredibly simple, but at that time simplicity is what was best for my mind during such a crazy month. I made a post about how everyone should want to put all their lovely bujos out there, even if they’re not artisticly inclined, and I got a ton of positive feed back and support. So I’m putting out some of mine. Im slowly getting the hang of drawing. Nit really but i do try my best. I’m still working on taking pictures at more flattering angles. But I’m excited to start sharing with everyone!!! This is my first picture post so this may be something new you’re getting more often.

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you ship me? I'm 5'3" with curly brown hair. I have brown eyes & big boobeez but I have a speedbump for an ass. My legs are pretty nice & my feet, hands, & arms are average. I'm fairly timid & quiet around strangers, but I'm pretty outspoken when My sense of humor is very offensive & love almost all music genres except country & reggae. My self-esteem has been on more rollarcoasters than me. I'm smart & artisticly inclined. Most importantly, I wish for the sweet embrace of death.

i ship you with dylan. he’d love your shortness and curves. he would love to look at your art and you two would bond over your offensive sense of humor