Hey, tumblr!

artisticduckie is a friend of a friend!!
She has a really cute shop where she sells plushies over at so if you have a little extra money please consider commissioning her!! She really needs it right now okay? 

Even if you can’t, please signal boost or something. It would mean a lot to me an my friend!! :C

Edit: I should have asked about that thing before I posted, I’m quite sorry! I didn’t intend to be rude. 

artisticduckie replied to your post: i just got home from seeing pacific rim and i have…

I saw it today why would anyone complain about the final scene it was great the entire movie was great everything was great great great great great

if i’m not mistaken the exact phrasing was “another movie ruined by a shoehorned romantic subplot”

which i would agree with if there was… a romantic subplot in the film

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how was that even a romantic subplot it’s like they didn’t even kiss at the end which is always a part of shoehorned romantic subplots plus the characters were clearly focused on kicking ass and causing nuclear explosions omg people are weird

bless this reply. two war buddies are allowed to share a moment of relief and an exhausted hug when it’s all over without being romantically involved, yeah?

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I dunno man I’ve had the same android phone (galaxy s3) for like 2.5 years and it’s never crashed on me. I think it’s just down to preference, I wouldn’t choose an apple phone over others

i think galaxys are the only android phone that don’t devolve into a piece of garbage as time passes

because i’ve never heard of someone’s galaxy slowly degrading until it’s practically unusable

but every other kind of android? inevitable downfall